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If you’re looking for an exciting place to invest, the Worthington real estate market is definitely worthy of your attention. There are plenty of Worthington homes for sale, and the value of what you are able to find exceeds many similar properties in adjacent areas of Ohio. Whether you’re looking for your dream home or an excellent investment property, you can find no better market than Worthington.


The City of Worthington has only enjoyed status as a city since 1954 when it originally surpassed 5,000 residents in population. Today, the population sits just under 15,000, and the city itself encompasses slightly under 6 square miles of area. The result is an impressive suburb with some city conveniences and proximity to Columbus, which is only a few miles south of Worthington. If you purchase any of the many homes for sale in Worthington, Ohio, you’ll get incredible value and be only a short commute from Columbus.


For professionals in all industries, this is an excellent location. Fledgling professionals that find it challenging to break into the suburban city market of Worthington will find ample opportunity in Columbus, but still be able to retire to a quieter, more picturesque community after their 9 to 5 in the city. Columbus offers career paths in all industries, while Worthington also features great opportunities in various fields from large corporations and small businesses alike.


For instance, the schools are excellent in Worthington. While parents will be pleased to discover their children will get a great education in any of the 18 public school districts, teachers will be pleased as well to find out that Worthington ranks as one of the best places to teach in all of Ohio. Combine this with the fact that Worthington has a relatively low crime rate, and we can rest assured as parents that our children are safe and also be comforted as homeowners and investors that our assets are safe and secure.


Following the recent trend to vacate cities in pursuit of more homey accommodations and a work-from-home work structure, sales have increased in Worthington. 


Overall, home values in Worthington are very stable, as is the population and as is the environment. With Worthington, you know exactly what you’re getting. It’s an incredible family-oriented environment nestled right outside of an amazing capital city. For those in search of a dream home that will retain and augment in value as time goes, Worthington is a great place to settle down.

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