Valleyview Drive Westerville Homes For Sale

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Valleyview Drive Westerville Homes For Sale

There’s no doubting Westerville’s appeal. This charming city is perfectly situated just outside of Columbus, balancing the peace and serenity of the suburbs with easy access to the city. While there are many nice neighborhoods in the area, Valleyview Drive has it all which makes it possible for Valleyview Drive Westerville Homes For Sale to offer a tranquil retreat.


The neighborhood is also conveniently located near many of the city’s top attractions. It’s the ideal combination of nature and convenience, thanks to its tree-lined lanes, well-kept houses, and strong feeling of community. Whether you’re seeking a serene spot to unwind or a vibrant neighborhood to call home, Valleyview Drive has something for everyone.

Valleyview Drive is a great place for families with kids to live. This neighborhood in Westerville is known for having a top-notch school district, and kids who live there can choose from a number of excellent schools. Annehurst Elementary uses new ways to teach, and Westerville North High School has great classes. Together, these schools give kids a well-rounded education that prepares them for success.


Westerville and its nearby city, Columbus, have a lively job market with openings in many different fields. A lot of big companies work in the area, like JPMorgan Chase, Nationwide Insurance, OhioHealth, and The Ohio State University. There are a lot of job opportunities in this thriving area, whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned worker.

Numerous parks and green areas are conveniently located near Valleyview Drive, which is encircled by picturesque nature. Just a short drive away is Alum Creek State Park, where you can go camping, fishing, hiking, or boating. Beautiful trails, a nature center, and a disc golf course await you at Blendon Woods Metro Park, another fantastic local attraction. Neighborhood parks are closer to people’s homes and offer a peaceful environment perfect for picnics, long walks, or simply relaxing in nature.


Westerville residents are recognized for their active and dynamic lifestyles. The city hosts a plethora of community-building activities throughout the year. From the Fourth of July festival, complete with fireworks and activities for all ages, to the Westerville Music & Arts Festival, showcasing local artists, Westerville never sleeps.

There is a large variety of tasty dishes available to residents on Valleyview Drive. From traditional Italian fare at Giuseppe’s Ritrovo to Asian specialties at Mekong Thai Restaurant, Old Bag of Nails Pub has something for everyone’s palate. The Westerville Farmers Market also has fresh, locally grown food and handmade goods for people who like to cook at home.


For those seeking a peaceful, family-oriented environment with excellent schools, numerous employment opportunities, and a robust sense of community, the homes for sale on Valleyview Drive in Westerville should be your first choice. Do not pass up the opportunity to reside in this charming neighborhood.

Our team of hardworking real estate agents is happy to help you find the right home on Valleyview Drive. Contact us right away to set up a showing and learn more about the options that are available in this friendly Westerville neighborhood.

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