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In 1913 brothers King and Ben Thompson purchased 840 acres of land that was located between what is now 5th Avenue, Riverside Drive, Lane Avenue, and Northwest Boulevard near Columbus. In 1917 their purchase was given the name Upper Arlington. In 1941 it was officially deemed a city, and the name was shortened to simply ’Arlington’ or ’UA’.


Due to keen foresight and building restrictions, the community developed larger lots with homes set back behind sprawling lawns, green spaces, and maintained parks. Sadly there were racial restrictions to the area in the early and mid-1900s, but this has led to present-day ‘All-Inclusion’ efforts to grow the diversity and racial balance of the community. This is a prime reason to consider buying a home in the Upper Arlington real estate market. The total area of UA is 9.67 square miles and proudly inhabits over 35,000 community members.

The UA school district has a strategic plan in place for grades K-12. They are leading the nation by implementing one-to-one personalized student support. This allows teachers to recognize and administer unique learning modalities to each and every student along their educational journey. Elementary kids focus on literacy and math skills to insure they are ready to move on to the middle grades with complete confidence. All-day kindergartens are also offered to families at no additional cost.


Middle school students can earn high school credits in math, science and global languages, and can also start their journey into UA’s renowned performing arts program that includes orchestra, band and vocal arts. UA middle schoolers are also competing and bringing home awards in performing arts, computer science, robotics, writing, speech and debate, and much more.

High school students in UA schools are offered a vast array of classes that will insure life-long career-related knowledge and set them on the path to successful adult life. The UA school system is focused on the well-being of the ’whole child’ which is a definite reason to start looking at Upper Arlington homes for sale.


Food and entertainment are in no short supply in the UA area, that’s for sure! A few places of notable mention are Akai Hana sushi restaurant, Northstar Cafe, The Refectory Restaurant, La Chatelaine French Bakery, Gallo’s Kitchen and Bar, Hudson 29 Kitchen and Drink, Cambridge Teahouse, Rusty Bucket, and Mikey’s Late Night Slice. With so many choices, you will never tire of eating out in UA.


If you are in the job market or looking to relocate to UA, here are a few major industries always on the hunt for knowledgeable employees. Fluent Solar, Ohio Reading Corps, Apple, Lion’s Den, Backstage Action, The N2 Company, ContactUS training specialists, Columbus State Community College, Ohio State University, Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and Zynex Medical are but a few of the companies always in search of new talent.


Start looking today at Upper Arlington homes for sale. It is a great place to explore your single life or to raise or start a family. You will find yourself constantly entertained, well-fed, and living in a diverse and growing community of great people.

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