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Welcome to Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale!

Sunny Sunbury Ohio homes for sale are strategically placed in the middle of the state. This is very beneficial, as it provides access to the entire region within a short traveling time. While it is a smaller town, it feels big and offers many possibilities for nature, adventure, and culture. Purchasing a home in Sunbury is a very smart choice.


Sunbury is 134 miles from Cincinnati, 119 miles from Cleveland, and a mere 28 miles from Columbus. It is also 3 hours away from Detroit, Indianapolis, and Pittsburg. Sunbury resides just north of the Hoover Reservoir and a few miles away from Alum Creek Lake. Both of these bodies of water are manmade and provide water to the nearby cities and townships and the large farming industries that surround them. This means that Sunbury is advantageously sitting in the middle of lush green, fertile lands and forests. 

Sunbury’s Past

When it comes to towns that have a lot of character, Sunbury certainly fits the bill. This place is ripe with history and you can see it in the architecture, the art, and the overall charming layout of the neighborhoods and the downtown area.

Before there was a town called Sunbury, the Delaware County area was home to several Native American tribes such as the Wyandotte, Shawnee, Lenape, and Senaca Cayuga.

Research shows that Lawrence Meyers and his brother William arrived in 1816 and bought a parcel of land, which they gave the name Sunbury. It was established to be a stagecoach town, meaning its location put it at an intersection of two major roads where a large number of travelers arrived by stagecoach. The founder, Lawrence Myers, built an inn, which became the first commercial building in the town.

There have been over 64 covered bridges built in the area over the years, of which the Chambers Road bridge is the last one left. 

Sunbury Town Hall was built in 1868 for the cost of $5000. Originally built as a school, it has also served as the village office, a jailhouse, a fire station, and a library.

Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale – Crime 

The idea of living in a place with a low crime rate immediately makes you feel safe and secure. Knowing that your family can come and go without the fears that most big-city families face each day is really refreshing. If you are single, you know you can walk down the street day or not and not have to worry about who’s walking behind you or what’s waiting around the corner.

This simple yet vibrant town is accessible to all its inhabitants twenty-four-seven, day or night, which makes it a great place to enjoy yourself without worry. The poverty rate in Sunbury is less than 4%, and the crime rate is 68% less than the average rate across the United States.

Working in and Around Sunbury

There is a huge variety of employment opportunities around the Sunbury area that cover the full spectrum of blue-collar and white-collar industries. Retail stores, restaurants, and loads of brick-and-mortar businesses are always hiring cashiers, sales staff, waiters, and cooks.


You can also find jobs available for receptionists, hosts, administrative workers, tellers, stockers, delivery drivers, and much more. If you like to work in construction, you will find loads of contractors looking to hire skilled workers and laborers. 

With a growing housing market in Sunbury, manual labor jobs are plenty. Maybe you are skilled in the agriculture industry. Sunbury is smack in the middle of a massive agricultural region. 

Here are a few industries you can check out before you move, just in case you are looking to land a great job.

Bob Evans Foods has around 20 locations in the Sunbury area. They are a food chain offering farm fresh meals and a variety of beverages. They hire front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house positions, as well as manager trainees.

Highland Winds Automotive offers car repairs and auto parts and has great reviews online.

Lomisbels is a food manufacturer and wholesaler offering several tiers of jobs in the culinary production market.

Northrop Grumman is a pioneering company in the production of some of the world’s most advanced and cutting-edge aircraft and cyber-security systems.

Fischer Process Industries specialized in the making of industrial pumps, rotating equipment, mixers, heat exchangers, valves, and automated services.

Goodman Distribution company designs, engineers and assembles residential HVAC products. They are one of the largest brands in America for residential and light commercial heating and indoor air quality sales and manufacturing.

Pythia Technologies produces important IT hardware for cellular monitoring and solutions

Hitachi Astemo manufactures suspension systems for motorcycles, power steering systems, shock absorbers, and powertrain pumps for automobiles.

If you are interested or experienced in agricultural work, you can find jobs such as swine farm technician, agronomy sales specialist, farm hand, nursery barn research specialist, soil sampler, livestock technician, horse caretaker, an agricultural technician at one of the poultry farms, dairy management field specialist, and much more. 

The farming and agriculture industries around Sunbury are booming, and always looking for quality people to join their staff

These few examples are evidence of the wide range of employment opportunities you will find in the greater Sunbury area.

Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale – Beautiful Nature

Sunbury is bursting with natural settings and recreational areas for your whole family. Here are a handful of attractions that will certainly quench your need for mother nature’s touch.


Freedom Park is a great place to take your kids. They offer a large playground and a sheltered area with grills for picnicking. Some folks like to go there to shoot off their fireworks during the annual Fourth-of-July celebrations.

The Ohio-to-Erie Trail offers distance hiking and biking year-round. Enjoy the mix of asphalt, lime, and dirt tracks for riding through a forested canopy. 

Hoover Reservoir Park is a spectacle to be seen. This 4700-acre setting is full of wildlife, and the wildflowers that bloom throughout the spring are magnificent. The park is great for hikers, picnickers, boaters, and fishing enthusiasts. 


If you enjoy the pastime of birdwatching, you will be thrilled to see the variety of local and migratory birds in the park throughout the year. It is easy to access to the lush marshlands at the park since there is a 1500ft boardwalk putting you deep in the middle of the scenic park’s best attraction. Other fun options include a disc golf course, a sailing club, an apple orchard, a boat club, and a marina. 

On the outskirts of Sunbury is the 41-acre Hogback Ridge Preserve. This property offers scenic hiking, with prime chances of seeing turkey and deer amongst the glacier-carved hills and streams.

The Sandel Legacy Trail offers hikers gentle inclines and declines and is strewn with benches along the way for resting and taking time to sit and enjoy the natural surroundings.

The Seymore Nature Preserve is a pristinely clean spot, located in the middle of a quiet forest, and offers great trails for strolling through nature alone or with friends and family.

The Shelbourne Forest Nature Walk is an excellent place to take a break from the fast pace of daily life. Imagine meandering through the scenery with your dog on a leash, listening to birds, and enjoying a calm breeze across your smiling face.

It is easy to see that Sunbury will never be lacking in nature and outdoor adventure. It’s the perfect place for riding, running, kids, and pets. It is a great relief to know that all the nature you need is just around the corner from your family home.

Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale – Entertainment 

Sunbury and nearby Columbus are packed with places to enjoy the nightlife, places for the kids to play, places to take in art and culture, and great events and festivals of all kinds.

The Lex Center for Performing arts provides dance, music, and theater classes for kids aged 2 to adults. If you have ever wanted to start acting or have wanted to play an instrument but haven’t gotten around to it, then this is the place for you. As for your kids, they offer individual or group classes, fun weeks, and mini-parties throughout the year.

Sunbury has a wonderful indoor play spot called Fun in the Jungle. There is a separate area for toddlers and another area for older kids. Your kids can also have fun in the arcade, the bowling area, and the skating rink.


You can also find many parks for kids of all ages. Playgrounds, swings, and climbing gyms can be found at JR Smith park, Freedom park, Recreation Connection, RO park, McNamara park, Millstone Creek park, and Spring Grove North park.

Kinslow park disc golf course is located in Freedom park. If you have never tried disc golf, then you and your family are sure to have fun learning.

If you like to work out at the gym, you can try Burg CrossFit or Metro Fitness, or take a yoga class at A.J.S. Yoga and Wellness.

With Columbus being so close, your odds of finding fun things to do will increase exponentially. For art fans, you can visit the artisan havens of the Short North Arts District and also the Franklinton Arts District. Both of these areas offer regular events for viewing galleries and craft shops. Be sure not to miss Franklinton Scrawl, which is a fun two-day event for the whole family.

There are a couple of small museums in Sunbury that have exhibits related to history that took place in the city of Sunbury specifically. For a more rounded artistic experience, you can visit the Columbus Museum of Art.

Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale – Culinary Hot-Spots

Food…Grub…Chow…Dinner…Breakfast…Brunch. There are many names for how and what we eat, and most of us absolutely love the chance to enjoy a top-notch meal. Well, Sunbury has some great spots for you to do just that. Whether you are in the mood for a tasty breakfast, out for a simple dinner, going on a fancy date, or just want something sweet for dessert, you have all these options within minutes of your home in Sunbury. Check these local options out for yourself.


Surve restaurant has two sides to it. Meaning, on one side you can make your order at the counter and grab your drinks, and sit down to await your food. The other side is a full-service side where your waiter comes to see if you want a delicious French-dip with fresh fruit, or maybe a turkey club sandwich, and brings your drinks and food to your table with a smile.

District 13 is being raved about in online reviews. People say the food and drinks are amazing, and the staff is super courteous. From the whiskey burger to the Caprese chicken salad to the tacos or the crab appetizers, you are bound to find something that will fill your belly and your soul.


PJ’s Grill is fresh and fun. It’s a great place to pop in for a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, grab a burger and fries for lunch takeout, or take the entire family out for a pizza night and finish it off with a chocolate drizzled delight.

The Firehouse Tavern is another great culinary treat to be found in Sunbury. Open from 11 am to 11 pm, you have the chance to stay later than you would in most establishments, grab one of their specialty cocktails, eat some fabulous food and catch some sports on the tv set.

firehouse tavern

Amongst the other eating spots in Sunbury, you will find a couple of Asian restaurants, pizza joints, fast food and sit-down Mexican places, regular corporate fast food franchises, sub shops, donut shops, smoothie bars, and of course, coffee shops.

Many of these places offer a delivery option and curbside pickup for those of you wanting to social distance.

Sunbury Ohio Homes For Sale

The Sunbury real estate market has something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. Here are a few statistical facts to give you a broad overview of Delaware County, in which Sunbury is located. 

Delaware County is considered one of the highest-income areas in the state. There are around 214,100 in the county, with 6,614 solely living in Sunbury, and the household median income is $112,000. The per capita income is $48,000, with 96% of the residents having graduated high school and 55% have accomplished a bachelor’s degree. 88% of the residents have lived in their house for at least one year or more. 

A search on the internet for homes in Sunbury will show you the many different choices you have if you choose to buy a home there. Small 2-bedroom homes can be found starting at $100K. There are 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes available in the $200K to $300K price range. North of the $300K price range you will find newer family homes and older homes on larger parcels of land. Of course, once you reach the $700K range you are dealing with immaculate homes, and/or small ranches/farms. 

You can also find the occasional apartment for sale and townhomes are also regularly on the market. If you are interested in building the home of your dreams, you are in luck, as the land is reasonably priced and readily available in and around Sunbury.

The Overall Sunbury Satisfaction

Sunbury is rich in history and style. It is close to Columbus and, being centrally placed in Ohio, is a short drive to many wonderful attractions and beautiful areas. It is a great place to raise a family, as it is safe and affordable. There are numerous job possibilities in Sunbury and nearby, and you are bound to find a job that fits your abilities and financial needs. When it comes to living a social life in Sunbury, you will have no problem. 

There are many places to eat and drink wonderful foods. There are places to grab something on the go as well. Schools are rated above the Ohio state average and there are lots of young families and professionals living in Sunbury. The commute to Columbus is easy, which means you are never far away from a big-city cultural experience. 

All-in-all moving to Sunbury and purchasing a home there is a great financial move and one that will place your family amongst wonderful neighbors in a fabulous city.

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