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Welcome to Shellbark Ridge Westerville Homes for Sale!

Shellbark Ridge is a beautiful suburban neighborhood in Westerville, Ohio featuring stunning properties, impeccable grounds, and a charm that’s hard to come by anywhere else in the United States. It’s the ideal spot for raising a family, working, or commuting to the central hub of Columbus, the state’s capital city and easily accessed through nearby roads and highways including I-270, US 3, and US 161.  Today, you can find Shellbark Ridge Westerville Homes for Sale, offering you a chance at your personal slice of paradise in one of the best suburbs of America.


Parents will be at ease knowing that the schools near Shellbark Ridge are top notch. Young children will attend Whittier, Cherrington, or Mark Twain Elementary, all of which boast impressive curriculums, before moving onto middle schools such as Blendon and Walnut Springs. As part of the Westerville City School District, students are divided regionally to attend one of the three high schools of the area— North, Central, and South. Shellbark Ridge residents are closest to the Westerville-South location, making it the most common school for Shellbark Ridge high school students.


Professionals from all fields will have access to opportunities as well without having to travel to the nearby major city of Columbus. The region is especially welcoming to logistics and healthcare professionals, with Exel Inc, Laurel Health Care, and Central Ohio Primary Care ranking as some of the largest employers in Westerville. Educators will have plenty of opportunities as well, both within the Westerville City School District, numerous private institutions, and the nearby Otterbein University which offers higher education within the City of Westerville.


Nature enthusiasts will truly feel at home living in Shellbark Ridge. There are a plethora of parkings, including McNamara Park, MIllstone Creek Park, Char-Mar Ridge Park, Hoff Woods Park, and Alum Creek Park, all within a five or ten minute drive. The area is also home to the illustrious Hoover Reservoir Park, which offers incredible views of the water, and golf at locations such as the Medallion Club or Westerville Golf Center.


When it comes to good food and great vibes, Shellbark Ridge is perfectly situated near some of the best foodie spots in the state. Nearby US 3 is an absolute haven of restaurants that fit every taste and budget. Neighborhood favorites include Northstar Cafe, which serves a great selection of modern American fare and some of the best coffee you’ll find anywhere. Just up the street is Jimmy V’s Grill & Pub, a casual option where the portions are plentiful and the beer is always ice cold. If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, Koble Grill is located in proximity, boasting a Greek-Italian take on the classic pub food menu, while Thai Grille sits just across the street to offer flavors that elevate the locally-sourced meats and vegetables to new heights.


If you’re looking to purchase a home in Shellbark Ridge or Westerville area, don’t go it alone! Contact us at (614) 316-3324 and find out why we’re the leading real estate team in the area. We offer years of experience and expertise, intimate knowledge of the area, and negotiating skills that are unparalleled. Call now!

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