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Welcome to Powell Ohio Homes For Sale!

Some of the best spots to buy real estate are smaller suburban communities that host a plethora of budding new businesses, modern conveniences, and relative proximity to an urban center or city for the commuters and new professionals. If you’re working out of Columbus, Ohio or live in the state, you can’t find much better than the unassuming Powell. Powell Ohio homes for sale are roughly a half hour max from the city and offer a small, closely knit community full of picturesque beauty and affluence.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Powell

1. Small town charm

2. Great schools

3. Great property value

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Virtually no crime

7. Incredible natural beauty

8. Access to local attractions

9. Hot market for investing

10. Up and coming area

Powell – Where is it?

Powell Ohio is approximately 14 miles away from Columbus, Ohio, nestled between the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers in Delaware County. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city is slightly under 5 miles of total square footage, making it an exceptionally exclusive community due to the relatively small size.


The 2019 Census estimated approximately 13,375 inhabitants, 73.5% of whom are college graduates. While Delaware County enjoys frequent status of one of the highest income counties in the entire United States, the median household income of Powell is $157,149.

Given the size of the city, it’s a small town vibe that is rapidly converting into an urban-suburban environment due to a recent real estate surge in Powell and its surrounding Delaware County markets.

The History of Powell

Like most of America, Powell started as a rich wilderness that served as a home to various Native tribes like the Huron, Wyandot, Miami, Delaware, Ottawa, Shawnee, Mingo, and Erie people. Beginning in the 17th century when colonists began pushing westward, French Canadian and European explorers began staking claims to various portions of modern day Delaware County, something that the Iroquois League was not too happy to accept.

As history would have it though, the settlers began moving into the land more prevalently and the demographics became more diverse by the 18th century. Following the American Revolution, the newfound powers that governed America created the Land Ordinance of 1785 which established the area as a Northwest Territory and provided portions of the new land to veterans of the war.

Originally, pioneers setting up in Powell called the area “Middlebury” since most hailed from Middlebury, Connecticut. For that reason, many modern day streets and housing developments are named with reference to these areas. It would not be until 1857 that an official post office was opened in the area, and the city was renamed Powell since Judge Thomas Powell was the judge that approved the request.


The “village” would become an incorporated municipality in 1947, but did not claim status as an official city until the year 2000. This was due to a population surge that saw the number of people increase by 1,500% between 1980 and 2000. Between 2000 and 2010, the population would double.

This massive surge has only increased in recent years, and the Powell real estate market is one of the most exciting to watch in Ohio today.

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale – Career Opportunities

In Powell Ohio, there are opportunities abound. Whether you’re looking to get into the action in the adjacent city of Columbus, add value to suburban operations in the City of Powell itself, or prefer a rustic lifestyle on the farm, you can do any of these things in Powell, Ohio.

If you’re right outside of the main neighborhoods at Powell, you’ll likely encounter great expanses of farmland that provide much of the local agriculture. Many of the crops grown in these areas also are shipped regionally as well. The main cash crops include corn and soybeans, but the environment and soil are ideal for a number of other fruits and vegetables as well as animals, livestock, and dairy too.

For those that prefer the lights and sounds in the city versus the quiet peacefulness of the countryside, Columbus is only a short distance from the City of Powell. Young professionals looking to start their families, established professionals looking to upsize their home, or real estate flippers looking for a great market outside the city will all find great value to be had in Powell.


Suburbanites get the best of both worlds with unparalleled, undisturbed country, trees, and natural beauty that pervades the area and is present in the neighborhoods, the parks, and everywhere. However, there are budding businesses everywhere.

Newcomers will find plenty of opportunities to work in any of many industries. Most recently Intel, the computer chip manufacturer, is set to open a new facility in the region which will bring 3,500 jobs to the local Ohioans.

With the city and the country both located a convenient short distance from Powell, it’s the perfect place to get situated and get comfortable.

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale – Crime

Another great thing about living in Powell is the extremely low crime. The most recent statistics recorded some property-related crimes in the city, but what’s most striking is that there were no violent crimes recorded.

We’re not talking about a few or a handful or something negligible in its own right. There were literally no violent crimes in Powell, Ohio according to the most recent data.

Statistically, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Powell are 1 in 10,000. And based on the above, the crimes that you may fall victim to would be related to property damage, theft, or something else less heinous than any violent crime.

The neighborhood vibe reflects that. While the olden days of “everyone keeps their door unlocked” may be behind us in our modern day, and in Powell you may actually get away with leaving the doors open because the neighborhoods are safe.

Powell, Ohio is a safe city and the people couldn’t be friendlier!

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale – Schools

A remarkable fact regarding the people of Powell, Ohio is that over 70% of the inhabitants are college graduates. This illustrates the emphasis the city places on education both in the working professionals that live there and their children as well.


The schools in and around Powell, therefore are top-notch. Some neighborhoods are zoned for Olentangy Liberty Middle School and Olentangy Liberty High School, a renowned district in Central Ohio and some of the best academics available anywhere around.

There are a number of great elementary schools around as well so that younger children get a great foundation and socialization in PK-5 programs. The best elementary schools of the area include Tyler Run Elementary School, Wyandot Run Elementary School, Scioto Ridge Elementary School, Indian Springs Elementary School, and Albert Chapman Elementary School.

No matter what age your child is, there are great schools everywhere in Powell, and you will give your child a collection of great tools that prefer them for college and the world beyond academics by building a strong foundation while in Powell.

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale – Outdoor Attractions

With so much natural beauty everywhere you go in Powell, there are parks aplenty to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Maintaining and overseeing the upkeep of these fantastic attractions is a very hands-on Parks and Recreation  Department that also puts on festivals and events while also overseeing the youth culture programs and little league.


For families with kids, Village Green Park is a great option that hosts splashing fountains and playground equipment. Parents can simply sit back and enjoy the much needed break while the little ones splash around and climb to their heart’s content.

Adventure Park is a great location as well, featuring the very same staples of a good park for children including playgrounds and basketball courts. The open space lends itself to picnics, games of tag for the kids, or a classic game of catch. It’s not a bad place to bring your puppy as well and walk the grounds or trails on a beautiful afternoon. Adventure Park also serves as a setting for many events that the Parks Department puts together.

Seldom Seen Park is another great one. Don’t be fooled by the name, as this park is actually often seen by many residents of the city. It’s actually named after a nearby road, but etymology aside it is an attractive park with a baseball diamond and ample room for bringing your family and friends for an afternoon outdoors.

There is always something to do in Powell, and the great weather often brings many people outside to celebrate and engage with the community.

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale – Arts and Culture

Although Powell is a small city, it certainly does not lack community, arts, or culture in any capacity. Powell is known to celebrate seasonal festivities and cultural events regularly from any of the many parks or downtown centers in the city. This brings out the friendly community as well as many local vendors that offer unique boutique items, local flavors, and other great finds that the big city simply cannot offer.

The Powell Festival is an annual event in the city that involves two days of family-friendly fun in the downtown region of Powell. In 2022, the festival included live music, children’s activities, local shopping, food trucks, and a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area for imbibing some of the region’s great craft brews and cocktails.

The city always comes alive during the festival with the sounds of music and people laughing and socializing. The air is rich with the smell of local cuisine, grilled favorites, and desserts both baked and fried much to everyone’s delight. There are games to play, inflatables to bounce on or slide down, and demonstrations from local business owners including the Tae Kwon Do gym where children can practice their self-defense skills in the park with trained instructors.

If the small town vibes are not enough to pique your curiosity, Columbus is only a stone’s throw away and boasts a wide and diverse cultural scene including theaters, museums, and more. A quick bus, train, or car ride gets you into Columbus within a half-hour.

For bigger concert tours, Broadway-like productions, and incredible museums and galleries, Columbus is a great spot. For local flavor and personality in spades, you can’t do much better than Powell. Living in Powell, Ohio, you’ll likely draw the envy of your friends and family when you invite them to local events all year long.

It won’t be long before they even start asking you if there are any great Powell homes for sale so they can move there too!

Cuisine in Powell

The food in Powell is amazing, and you’ll be living in a foodie’s paradise in this relatively untapped gem of a city in Central Ohio. Residents have access to an abundance of cuisines and options that let you try a taste of everywhere and anywhere all from within the city’s small zip code.


Local Roots is a popular choice among the locals, boasting indoor dining, a covered patio for outdoor dining, a beer garden, and carryout of their incredible menu. The fare is standard American with an elevated presentation and premium proteins like lamb and bison along with seasonal favorites for upscale veggies like butternut squash and more. If the standard entrees don’t catch your interest, they also offer pizza and calzones too!


For more upscale Italian eats, Vittoria is your classic white tablecloth trattoria where robust reds come in the form of wines and a special Sunday sauce that would satisfy even nonna! Italian classics like bruschetta, Italian wedding soup, and antipasto precede a deliciously decadent main course which might include marsala, picatta, or milanese. Plus, the pasta is spectacular!

If you’re in the mood for some snacks while having some of the tastiest local brews around, you can’t do much better than Ill Mannered Brewing Co. which is nestled right in the heart of Powell and provides many local bars and restaurants with their selections. Try a classic Pilsner or IPA, or get a little experimental by pouring a pint of the Lemonade Shandy which blends bright citrus notes with a great body and packs just enough punch to get you feeling right.

If wine is more your thing, the Powell Village Winery is just the place for you. Conveniently located on South Liberty Street, this village winery has everything you could dream of in terms of wines, and also offers tastings on evenings and weekends for those that like a little taste before making a purchase.

No matter what flavors you look for, you’re sure to find them in Powell.

Powell Ohio Homes For Sale

The Powell real estate market is hot right now. Following the COVID-19 pandemic which drove many city inhabitants out of the city in search for more affordable areas that provide more living space, places like Powell and other regions of suburban Central Ohio were bought rapidly, often above asking price at that!



Powell Ohio homes for sale is no exception to this trend, and many people from surrounding areas have taken notice of the luxury properties that offer incredible value.

For young professionals or families looking for a dream home, however, there’s just as much opportunity available now as you have the chance to get into a lovely home in one of the safest, most affluent neighborhoods in America at a fair market price.

New homeowners in Powell will get the best schools, virtually no crime, and close proximity to major attractions and work industries while also acquiring an investment that will pay out handsomely after the mortgage is paid and it’s time to sell down the line.

No matter what you’re in the market for, you almost can’t find a better market than Powell, Ohio.

Final Takeaways

On the one hand, there are a number of factors that go into any home-buying decision. We want to check all the boxes and make sure the area we select fits the criteria that matters most to us. We want great schools, employment opportunities, lively neighborhoods, and low to no crime while also there being a plethora of things to do and places to go. We also want something visually that catches the eye and looks great on a postcard.

There’s something intangible when it comes to buying a home though too. There’s something that no checklist can encapsulate and it must be seen to be believed. All the words, pictures, stories – all of it pales in comparison to experiencing the true thing. And when that happens, it’s truly special.

Powell, Ohio is one such place where words simply don’t do it justice. It’s an amazing place to live, checks all the boxes that make it a great place, and offers that je na sais quoi that set it apart from other neighborhoods.

Come and see for yourself!

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