Powell Homes for Sale

The Powell real estate scene is very hot right now. Over the past 20 years, the population increased prodigiously, with new growth occurring regularly and driving up the value of the homes in the area. Beyond the incredible upside for real estate investors, hopeful homebuyers and families will find a lot to love in any of the many Powell homes for sale. The city combines small town charm with city conveniences for an overall impressive locale.


Located approximately 14 miles from the city of Columbus, Powell is a “city” in its own right thanks to the recent population surge. Despite the growth, the area still encompasses a mere 5 mile square footage and serves as home for only 14,695 residents as of 2022.

Farmers looking to open a homestead of their own or learn the ropes on any of the many farms in operation in Powell also have access to an abundance of opportunities. The most prevalent crops of the region include corn, soybeans, wheat, and more.


The people of Powell love their city for many reasons, as there’s virtually no crime and the schools are some of the best in the Central Ohio region. Powell features a wealth of undisturbed natural beauty in the form of parks, hiking trails, the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers, and ample stretches of farmland, but also has elements of a city including a budding downtown district that serves as a hub for many great local vendors and establishments.

Powell is impressive in its own right, but is only a short distance to the city of Columbus where even the most accomplished professional will be able to sustain the earning power that working in the city offers. You won’t have to settle for a small town paycheck just because you’ve moved to a small town suburb outside of Columbus.


That’s not to say there is no industry in Powell though. Entrepreneurs have a variety of industries they may seek to enter within Powell’s zip code. In addition, big businesses are creating facilities and home offices in the surrounding areas that always need new talent. The most recent will be Intel, the computer manufacturing company, which is setting up a facility in the region that will bring with it 3,500 jobs.

For future homeowners looking for an all-around impressive area that currently offers incredible value with the promise for massive growth in the coming years, now’s the time to secure that investment and take advantage of the market’s conditions.

It’s never been a better time than now to enter the suburbs. Whether you’re laying down roots for the long haul or expect to renovate and flip, you will very much appreciate the market of all available homes for sale in Powell.

Powell Homes for Sale

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