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Are you looking to live somewhere picturesque, safe and exciting? Look no further – known as Ohio’s Safest City; New Albany is the ideal place to settle in. Located just twenty minutes from Columbus this sprawling suburban haven has something for everyone. Considered one of the best suburbs in the entire country, New Albany Ohio homes for sale is the crown jewel of real estate. Whether you are looking for a place to raise a family, or a location with a robust cultural scene, New Albany is where you want to be.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to New Albany :

1. Low Crime Rates

2. Stellar school system

3. Local Charm

4. Up and Coming Area

5. Amazing Cultural Scene

6. A Great Investment

7. Short Commute to Columbus

8. Natural Beauty

9. Friendly Area

10. Has All Modern Conveniences

New Albany – Where is it?


The first, and most important, thing one should do when looking into places to move is learn more about the location. New Albany is located in Northeast Franklin County; approximately 20 minutes – 17 miles outside of Columbus, Ohio. This prime location makes it one of many other suburbs surrounding this great city.

Although it is right outside of a major city this suburb has a small town charm that is all its own. Nestled in between Big Walnut and Blacklick Creek there are miles of amazing nature trails that can lead you to forgetting that you are so near the metropolis. The area is beautiful and the neighbors are friendly.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – A Unique History

Though there are now approximately 11,000 people in residence in New Albany; this was not always the case. This city was founded by a man named Noble Landon in 1837, with just a few people settling there.  It officially became incorporated in 1856 when there were 50 people settled there. New Albany remained small all the way into the 1980’s; the census lists just 500 people in residence. New Albany’s population really began growing in 1990 when a famous clothing designer named Lex Warner and his wife Abigail relocated there.


There are numerous other notables who have called New Albany home. Academics like Julia DeVillers and David Goodman; as well as athletes like Darren Lee and Jean Luc Grand-Pierre to name just a few have found their place in the world right here in New Albany.

An Up and Coming Area – INTEL, Google, Facebook and More

One of the most amazing things about New Albany is that although it has been around since 1837 the area is still a hub of growth. Companies regularly move into this area bringing jobs and further prosperity to this already idyllic suburb.


Nestled in the heart of New Albany is a 5,000 Acre International business park. This business park is a major office location for numerous giants of industry like Google, American Electric, Facebook and Bath and Bodyworks. New Albany has even set aside space within the park for a tech incubator that is driving jobs to the area.

INTEL has just had a major groundbreaking with plans to be fully open within the next two years, bringing an astonishing 3,500 jobs to the community.

There is no doubt that this already prosperous region is on the cusp of further affluence.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – Safest City in Ohio

New Albany has long been considered one of the safest suburbs in all of Ohio – and looking at the statistics it is one of the safest areas to live nationally as well. According to Crime Rate Statistics New Albany is ranked as an A+ location for safety; there is 91% less violent crime there than the national average.

Overall New Albany has 71% less crime than the national average – with violent crime being infrequent. Feeling safe where you live is one of the most important things to consider when you are moving; in New Albany you can relax and rest assured knowing that you have that covered.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – Top Notch Schools

Once upon a time – in the very beginning of their township New Albany had a single room school which housed all of the children’s educational needs. The founders knew how important a top notch education was and they ensured that all children would be able to learn in a safe environment.


Although the area has grown considerably, the residents of New Albany have continued to place a high level of importance on education and that is one of the reasons that their schools are ranked as some of the very best. Harkening back to the days of the single room schools, all of the public schools in New Albany are located on one big beautiful campus.

According to the district website the school campus is made up of 200 acres that house all of the local schools as well as an 80 acre preserve that is dedicated to natural learning. The district motto of “NAPLS is Committed to Fostering an Environment of Kindness, Dignity & Respect.” is clear and inclusive.

All of the schools are ranked as 8 or above on their Great schools rankings as well and parent reviews are exceedingly positive. The school district is clearly providing their students with every opportunity for success.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – Active Lifestyle

Another key aspect of New Albany is that the area is dedicated to an active lifestyle. The area boasts approximately 55 miles of leisure trails – many of which are paved to help residents stay active. There are also acres of parklands, hiking trails and even walking clubs to help locals reach their fitness goals.


If getting outdoors is your thing then New Albany is a prime location. It has numerous gorgeous local parks. Here is a list of some must see locations:

• Ratchford Fens Park – fun leisure trails and an absolutely stunning bridge. This park also has beautiful local views.

• Rocky Fork Metro Park – a 1,200+ acre park that is home to a dog park, hiking trails and even horse trails. This park can make you feel like you are out in true wilderness- a taste of the wild in the middle of a city. This park has won the Governor’s Award for being the best park in the state.

• Swickard Woods Arboretum and Nature Preserve – home to 30 different types of trees and a large pond.  The fall foliage in this area is spectacular. This is located near the schools.

• Thompson Park – 59 Acres that include walking trails, tennis courts, picnic tables, playgrounds and seven athletic fields. This park is a hub of activity.

• Rose Run Park – This park is an absolute must see. Located near Market Square this is a little slice of joy. Home to the beautiful Raines Crossing bridge this is a beautiful place to visit and take pictures. A picturesque creek flows through this park alongside paved walking trails that make it possible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature.

These are just a few of the many parks in the area – perfect locations to get outside and enjoy each day to the fullest.

In addition to all of these parks New Albany also boasts an Aquatic Park that is the epitome of summer fun. The Plains Township Aquatic Center has pools, swim lessons, waterslides and an incredible play area for all children who can walk through school age.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – Arts and Culture

New Albany is fairly unique in that the city has been master planned around a Village Center. This charming area is made up of a few different districts – the most notable being Market Square.


The village center creates a true sense of community and has become a focal center for all of New Albany. This area creates a sense of small town charm right outside of a major city. Market Square is beautifully planned and picturesque. The idyllic buildings nestled amongst the trees are truly stunning to behold – bringing to mind small towns that have been featured in movies. Most of the arts and culture for the area can be found in this alluring location.

Market Square is not only home to eateries and retails stores – it is so much more. In Market Square one can find a state of the art Columbus Metro Library, the McCoy Center for Performing Arts and the Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. All of these host regular community events that are sure to be exciting. There is also a regular Farmers Market right in the square that is a huge hit with all of the locals.


The Ealy House is a major historical site within the city of New Albany that is worth visiting. This mid- nineteenth century building is now a museum that is home to numerous artifacts that date back to the founding of the township. Private tours are offered to those who wish to learn more about the home and its historical significance.

The renowned Hayley Gallery, which opened in 2007, is a must see cultural gem located within New Albany. This gallery boasts world class artistry and a compilation of products from over 80 local artists. There is something there for everyone to appreciate; from sculptures, to wood carvings, jewelry, glass, painting and so much more. They also host regular art nights where a specific artist is highlighted and oftentimes even present to discuss their work. There is always something to do or see there- making this another clear benefit of living in the area.

New Albany also hosts a myriad of annual events that foster a great sense of community:

• Founders Day – an annual celebration that boasts a carnival atmosphere with a parade, rides, performers and delicious treats.

• Taste of New Albany

• The New Albany Walking Classic – one of the country’s biggest walk only events. This walk is designed to be a 10K that builds camaraderie and community.

• The New Albany Classic – an enormous sanctioned equestrian event that is held by Lex Wexner.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale – Cuisine

New Albany has excellent local eateries with something for everyone. They have large chains like Starbucks or Tim Hortons as well as unique restaurants that can only be found there.

Pizza lover? Then you must check out Eagles Pizza which is well known for their delicious design your own pies. They also have an extensive selection of subs, pastas and salads. This restaurant is perfect for a quick bite to grab or a longer sit down evening.


Another amazing place to grab a slice is the Mellow Mushroom New Albany. Their menu is an Italian food lover’s dream. The Mellow Mushroom also has a long list of specialty drinks and mocktails that makes for a fun date night spot.

New Albany contains a large number of well known Pubs and Brewhouses. Local favorite The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern is a must munch location. They serve delicious American food and have a very lengthy beer list; while also being known for their friendly and cheerful atmosphere.


Hudson 29 is another top tier American style restaurant that is beloved by the township- just be sure to make a reservation because this place is hopping. Hudson 29 also has brunch offerings that should not be missed- a mimosa and french toast anyone?

There is also a huge assortment of cuisine types offered within New Albany. They have everything from Chinese restaurants (Asian Taste, Great Wall) to Mexican delights (Blue Agave) and so much more.

Of course what meal would be complete without dessert? You can indulge in delectable delights from places like Whit’s Frozen Custards or Fox in the Snow Cafe while enjoying a walk around Market Square. With offerings from ice cream to cookies, cakes and everything in between there is no need to look anywhere else to solve a sweet craving. Take in the ambiance of the Village Center and feel the sense of community that New Albany is so well known for.

New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale

If you are considering a move to New Albany, Ohio the real estate trends are very important to consider. Homes in the area have steadily increased in value – approximately 12% over last year – and property taxes are reasonable. Many of New Albany homes for sale are full of charm, turn key and family friendly. There are also townhomes and condominiums available that are priced far lower – meaning that a move to New Albany is within reach.


Final Takeaways

Buying a home is a major investment; choosing the right area is pivotal. If you are considering buying real estate in New Albany, look no further.

New Albany is an ideal home buying location. This unique area has all of the benefits of living in a small town-charm, safety and top notch schools – while still having all the amenities of a big city. This township is truly a local gem.

There is so much to do in New Albany. As a hub of arts and culture; there is always something fun going on. The local cuisine is varied and delicious- pleasing even the most discerning palate. The area is a mecca for families and those who love active lifestyles and the great outdoors.

New Albany Ohio homes for sale are currently affordable, but trending upward; making now a great time to buy. New Albany is on the cusp of major growth – companies are flocking to the area bringing an abundance of jobs. It is also just a short 20 minute commute to the thriving city of Columbus.

Ultimately, there are absolutely no negatives to moving to New Albany – so what are you waiting for?

Newest New Albany Ohio Homes For Sale.

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