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Welcome to Lewis Center Ohio homes for sale!

Finding the ideal spot to balance starting a family with lucrative job prospects is not always easy. Fortunately, hidden gems like Lewis Center Ohio homes for sale combine high quality education with small town charm, all while remaining relatively close to the burgeoning business center that is Columbus. If you’ve been looking for a place to purchase a starter home or upgrade to something larger to make room for your growing family, Lewis Center is one of the best places to consider.

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Lewis Center

1. Excellent property value

2. Exceptional school systems

3. Small town charm

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Low crime rate

7. Incredible natural beauty

8. Access to local attractions

9. Rural and suburban living

10. Up and coming area

Lewis Center –  Where is it?

As they say in real estate, it’s all about “location, location, location”, and Lewis Center’s location couldn’t get much better for professionals that work in the nearby city of Columbus. Lewis Center is the northwestern area of Orange Township, Delaware County. It’s a mere 16 miles from Columbus, making it the ideal spot for those that wish to keep the city job and its perks while living in a more quiet and peaceful environment in the adjacent rural suburbs of Lewis Center.


The community could not be prettier either. Neighborhoods consist of relatively new construction modern dwellings amidst great expanses of farmland and green pastures. That’s not to say there isn’t a burgeoning retail and shopping environment provided by nearby Route 23.

Lewis Center is the perfect union of development and undisturbed nature, all nestled next to the picturesque Olentangy River which stretches on for 97 miles coming from the north of Lewis Center and feeding into Scioto River in Columbus.

Lewis Center Homes For Sale – A Rich History

Lewis Center has approximately 30,000 people and is currently experiencing its second real estate boom since 2000 thanks to its relative proximity to Columbus and the new norm of remote work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The historic downtown (pictured below) is very small and in close proximity to railroad crossing.


The community was first founded in 1850 during the Manifest Destiny movement to expand westward. At that time, the United States was focusing loads of labor and resources on building the transcontinental railroad in an effort to develop beyond their current reach.

William L. Lewis was a landowner, but gave up his property to the United States government in exchange for the rights to name the community. As such, it was dubbed “Lewis Centre” until they replaced the British spelling of “Centre” to the American “Center” in 1893.

The area established itself as a “free” state prior to the Civil War, but the Ohio Fugitive Slave Act required citizens to return runaway slaves to their masters. In response, the Underground Railroad established key points in the neighborhood to harbor runaway slaves and guide them to true freedom in other regions.

By the 1990s, Lewis Center experienced a surge of new development, including many of the homes that you see there today, and businesses setting up locations in this area as well. Since the area is also ideal for farming, farmland has remained a steady constant throughout the years and even to this day.

Exciting Opportunities for Work of All Kinds

In Lewis Center, it doesn’t matter the color of your collar because there is opportunity abound.

Farming is absolutely ingrained into the area and surrounding culture, and it is feasible for blue-collar laborers or would-be farmers to look for employment at any of many established farms or simply start up their own with their own two hands.

Lewis Center, like most of Ohio, primarily farms soybeans and corn, but also may produce wheat, oats, hay, fruit, vegetables, livestock, poultry, and dairy. There is ample opportunity for farmers in Lewis Center, even if they prefer working a day job and enjoying homestead life on the weekends or after work hours.


On the flip side, white-collar professionals are a relative stone’s throw from Columbus, Ohio where educated and qualified individuals may find a future in just about any industry. Adjacent areas host office locations for many major corporations including Google, Facebook, American Electric, and Bath and Bodyworks.

In addition, computer chip manufacturer Intel has announced plans to build a facility in the region which will bring 3,500 jobs to Ohioans. It’s an up and coming place where business and real estate are rightfully booming.

Lewis Center Ohio Homes For Sale – A Safe Place to Call Home

The most beautiful neighborhoods are nothing if not safe. Luckily, you can rest assured living in Lewis Center, as the statistical probability of falling victim to crime, violent or otherwise, is extremely low.

By the numbers, Lewis Center is safer than 78% of other neighborhoods in America and significantly safer than anywhere else in Ohio. Whereas your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Lewis Center are 1 in 5,251.


The locals know these statistics and it shows, because the atmosphere could not be friendlier. Everyone is upbeat and cheerful in Lewis Center, encouraging visitors and newcomers to make themselves at home in one of the safest places in America.

Excellent Schools

As working professionals and property owners, we’re delighted to find a beautiful neighborhood to call home that offers proximity to work and business opportunities at a reasonable value. For starting a family, however, almost nothing is as important as the quality of the schools.

Those considering Lewis Center are in luck, as it features some of the best schools in Ohio including Alum Creek Elementary School, Heritage Elementary School, Olentangy Shanahan Middle School, Olentangy High School, and more.


The Freedom Trail Elementary School is especially accomplished and honored for a National Blue Ribbon Award. The school boasts Top 5% status in Overall Rank as compared to other schools in Ohio as well as Highest Proficiency in Math. In terms of Highest Proficiency in Reading and Language Arts, it is among the Top 1% in all of Ohio.

While these schools are very accomplished on the whole, the classroom sizes are relatively small, guaranteeing your children receive ample attention from their teachers.

Lewis Center Ohio Homes For Sale – Fun in the Sun

If you prefer to lead an active lifestyle, you’ll have abundant opportunities to explore the area’s many parks and trails, among other outdoor attractions that keep the locals busy and entertained throughout all seasons.

Township Hall Park offers an extensive array of outdoor activities including basketball, picnic areas, picturesque gazebos, and a fishing pond beset amidst long hiking trails that provide the perfect backdrop for a morning jog or afternoon walk with your dog.

Ro Park is another great spot to appreciate the great outdoors, offering a playground for the little ones, a baseball diamond, a picnic area, a shelter with restrooms, and stretches of hiking trails to explore. The playground boasts the tallest slide permissible by the state of Ohio, offering an exciting opportunity for all young daredevils.


In the summer season, you can’t do much better than the North Orange Aquatic Center which features two massive swimming pools and one of the craziest, zaniest water slides you’ve ever seen anywhere. The slide isn’t the only piece of play equipment in the children’s area of the pool, making this spot one of the best attractions for your little ones during their summer vacation.

That’s not all for outdoor activities in Lewis Center. Other places of interest include:

• Highbanks Metro Park

• Glen Oak

• North Orange

• North Road

• Orange Bridge

• Walker Wood

With so much to do, Lewis Center always has something new and exciting to offer you and your family. It’s a small town with big appeal.

Arts and Culture

The neighborhoods of Lewis Center are typically quiet and serene, but there are occasional festivals and events that encourage locals to come out and celebrate special occasions, seasons, and other expressions of art and culture.

One such festival is the Fall Festival, hosted annually at the expansive Highbanks Metro Parks. To commemorate the arrival of the Autumn season, locals come out for food, games, and other activities in one of the best outdoor locations in all of Lewis Center.

For the best Arts and Culture experiences, however, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump on over to Columbus where the city acts as a cultural hub and arts mecca for those in need of a little extra je ne sais quoi. Columbus hosts a variety of annual events. The full calendar is available here.

There are many seasonal favorites, including the Columbus Oktoberfest which calls for breaking out the lederhosen and steins to celebrate German culture, cuisine favorites like schnitzel and pretzels, and all the delicious beer you can drink while signing German drinking songs and listening to the traditional music play.

Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is another favorite in Central Ohio, encompassing the spirit of the holiday season in a magical fashion. Each year the staff of the zoo strings millions of LED lights around and showcases coordinated light shows, musical numbers, and holiday cookies for a daily extravaganza during the holiday season.


Beyond festivals, Columbus offers various venues for celebrations of the arts and culture. Downtown Columbus, for instance, serves as a home for the Columbus Museum of Art. This museum was one of the first in all of Ohio to register its charter, and is home to a number of prized pieces including paintings from famed artists like Picasso and Cézanne as well as sculptures and other marvels of both classic and modern art.

For performing arts, the Palace Theatre in Columbus is simply stunning. Constructed in 1926, the idea behind the design was to incorporate the opulence of Versailles, thus the inclusion of “palace” in the name. With sparkling chandeliers, a grand staircase, and a fountain, the architect definitely nailed it by offering an elegant venue where theater productions, concerts, comedy acts, and other shows are hosted regularly.

Lewis Center is by no means bereft of arts and culture, and there are many local festivals and events to celebrate the diversity of the population as well as seasonal events too. However, those in search of a wider offering are only a short distance from one of the best cities in America for arts and culture.

Lewis Center Ohio Homes For Sale – Cuisine

Take a cruise along the shopping mecca of Route 23 and you’ll find many national chains and expected staples including fast food, retail superstores, and plenty of coffee to keep you fueled for the quick commute to work.

Lewis Center also features many unique dining options that will have you feeling like you’re enjoying a little slice of foodie paradise.


Señor Antonio’s is one such establishment that proves you can get exceptional Mexican food this far north of the Mexican border. Hailing from Jalisco, Mexico, owner Antonio Moreno boasts over 20 years experience cooking and bringing vivacious, vibrant Mexican cuisine to the Lewis Center and Columbus area of Ohio. Try some of their sizzling fajitas or excellent enchiladas before washing it down with some of the tastiest sangria you could find anywhere.

Looking to pick up a quick pizza pie instead and feed your family one of America’s favorite Italian comfort foods? Four Points Pizza and Grill features all the classics from a traditional pie to calzones and sub sandwiches. There’s something for everyone to enjoy. Try ordering the Supreme if you’re really hungry!

When it comes to quick or fast casual options, you have your national chains like Chipotle. Local establishments play on this idea as well too. For instance, Rollz Rice Indian Kitchen demonstrates business ingenuity by making a pun on the classic car while adopting the format of Chipotle’s Mexican eateries with an Indian twist on the cuisine. Patrons are served their choice of rice, salad, or a wrap topped with Indian favorites like chickpea, paneer, chicken tikka masala, curry, and more. It’s a familiar format with a fresh flavor profile, and we can’t get enough of it!


There are various restaurants offering flavors and cuisine from all corners of the world in Lewis Center, but the best fine dining establishments are located closer to the Columbus area of Ohio. One such establishment is Eddie Merlot’s, a sophisticated steakhouse serving the finest cuts of beef, mouthwatering side dishes, and decadent desserts among elegant decor and classy fine dining fixtures. You’re sure to impress whether you’re splurging for a special occasion or seeking to show off for a prospective client during the acquisition process. It’s a top-tiered establishment and extremely accessible from Lewis Center proper.

No matter your favorite cuisine, you’re sure to find a great option in close proximity to Lewis Center, Ohio. There’s literally something for everyone here.

Lewis Center Ohio Homes For Sale

Lewis Center real estate is experiencing a boom as of 2022. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many inhabitants of Columbus left the hustle and bustle of the city behind in search of more space to call their own, competitive rates and property values, and modern conveniences that are still readily available despite being out of the city.

Many were impressed by the quality of the Lewis Center homes for sale and inspired incredible growth in the area. As of 2022, the median price for a relatively new construction, turnkey home is approximately $499,950. This is following an upward trend of 22% increases year over year.


Of course, the market is always subject to these kinds of fluctuations, but securing your investment now in such an incredible neighborhood offers massive opportunity both for new families looking to establish roots as well as flippers that are ready to watch the property values increase even more as new business opportunities arrive to the area in the coming years.

Whether you’re in the market for your own permanent home or you are an enterprising real estate investor looking for a sweet deal, Lewis Center homes for sale is an excellent option that checks all the boxes in all areas.

Final Takeaways

If you’re looking to finally find your dream home and you want something that is both family-friendly, budget-friendly, and well-situated in an environment brimming with burgeoning businesses, you must look no further than Lewis Center, Ohio.

In Lewis Center, you have stretches of farmland and natural beauty to help soothe you after a long day weathering the hustle and bustle of adjacent Columbus during the work week. Better yet, our modern remote work style of doing business allows for you to purchase the home of your dreams in Lewis Center and save on ever commuting into the city in the first place.

The area boasts low crime rates and top-notch schools that will guarantee your family is safe and well cared for in one of the best up and coming neighborhoods in America.

Buying real estate is a critical decision that requires weighing all pros and cons prior to your purchase. With the median home value going up due to increased buyer demand, time is of the essence.

There’s no time like the present. Contact us now and start searching for your dream home in Lewis Center today!

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