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Welcome to Lake of the Woods Westerville Homes For Sale!

While much of Westerville is situated to the west of the Hoover Reservoir, the Lake of the Woods community is nestled along the eastern bank and offers unbeatable views of the water. The perfect waterfront location lends itself to a variety of sailing and boat clubs. You’ll find plenty of great Lake of the Woods Westerville Homes for Sale. It’s the perfect spot if you love a quiet, quaint suburban locale, but it’s also very close to the bustling City of Columbus for those who prefer to be near the action when the mood strikes.


Although Lake of the Woods is farther from the central Westerville region, it still falls within the Westerville City School District. The closest elementary schools include Hylen Souders, Fouse, and Mark Twain with Hylen Souders situated east of the reservoir and the latter two over the bridge. Middle schools include Genoa Middle School, essentially down the street from Fouse Elementary, and Heritage Middle School to the south. Westerville divides the city into three regions, North, Central, and South, when it comes to high school. Lake of the Woods students attend Westerville-Central.

Since Lake of the Woods is a short trip to Columbus, residents are able to find opportunities in every industry with companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Nationwide, Honda, and more headquartered there. However, professionals that prefer shorter commutes will be pleased to find opportunities nearby in Westerville, New Albany, and other small locales in the region. The largest employers include Robin Enterprises USA, a commercial printing company, ABB, an automation company, and a variety of healthcare enterprises including Central Ohio Primary Care, Laurel Health Care, and UnitedHealthcare of Ohio, Inc.


With the community perfectly positioned on water, many residents are into boating or members of the various clubs in the region. One club, the Buckeye Boating Club, is a very short distance and walkable from many properties in the community. The other, Hoover Sailing Club, is not quite as close, but certainly not far. Rattlesnake Ridge Golf Club is also a short distance from the community and a great spot for avid golfers to work on their swing, play eighteen, or simply enjoy a morning or afternoon out with other members of the community.


Lake of the Woods is also near a variety of excellent food options. Just over the bridge on the western bank of the Hoover Reservoir, you’ll find takeout options like Antonio’s and Great Asian Restaurant, while the nearby Time & Change is a casual bar and grill where a beer and burger are best. Nearby US 161 to the south offers a wide variety of options as well, from chains like Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, and Taco Bell to local gems like Rooster’s, Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern, and Tic Tac Taco.

If you’re looking for a great property on the water, Lake of the Woods is the ideal spot. Please contact us at (614) 316-3324 and we’ll help you find and buy your dream home today!

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