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Ohio is full of wonderful small towns bursting with style, and several large towns full of cultural appeal. If you happen to be looking for homes in Ohio, you should definitely consider the eclectic little town of Johnstown. Nestled in the quaint surrounding of Licking County, Johnstown offers loads of possibilities for incoming homeowners. 


This peaceful little town has a population of about 5200 people and covers just over four thousand acres in total. The population grew by a mere 1000 persons from 2010 to 2020, which assures the population will continue to increase at a slow rate. Living in Johnstown feels like being in a small community with lots of diverse people. It’s easy to make friends and find singles and families with a similar mindset to your own.


The male-to-female ratio is 50%, with 30% of the population being under 18 years old. That’s great news if you are moving to Johnstown with your kids. Interestingly important is that 62% of the inhabitants are homeowners, signifying that the town is stable and not a transient population.


There are close to 1900 households, each with an average of 2.75 persons inhabiting them. 95% of your future Johnstown neighbors have graduated high school, and about 29% have at least a bachelor’s degree. The median household income is around $74,000, and there is a very low 7.2% poverty rate in the town.


If you are looking for food and drink in Johnstown, here are some great places you can frequent. Here are a handful of places to go check out. The Ghostwriter Public house, Dashing Diner, and The Old Horseshoe Restaurant & Tavern are all worthy of a visit.


If you are interested in Johnstown homes for sale, you will definitely be pleased with what this seller’s market has to offer. Enjoy your search and hopefully, you and your family will be blessed with exactly the kind of home you want to live and prosper in for many years.

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