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Welcome to Galena Ohio Homes For Sale

There are many places where you can live all around the United States, but finding a place that makes you and your family feel at home is not always so easy. Luckily there’s a small community called Galena where Galena Ohio homes for sale might be just right for you.


Galena, with its small-town charm, offers you a place to peacefully build a life while giving you access to the benefits of the larger city, Columbus, nearby.

Imagine being able to sit on your porch in the morning drinking your coffee with the feeling of fresh air in your lungs. Imagine your kids playing and laughing in your sizable front or back yard, without worrying if they are too close to passing traffic. How comforting to be able to go to sleep at night with your windows open and the sounds of crickets singing you to sleep. Everyone loves to be serenaded by nature’s lullaby!

Let’s check out some of the key factors that are important when choosing where to live and purchase a home in Galena.

Here are a handful of reasons why Galena, Ohio is a good place to buy a house.

Galena Ohio Homes For Sale – Small population

Sitting only thirty minutes outside of central downtown Columbus, Galena offers access to a sprawling metroplex, while at the same time providing a private, safe, and secure environment to raise your family.

These days, new housing communities have a tendency to build a house right next to another one and another one and another. When you look at the cookie-cutter planning taking place in most suburbs, it makes your stomach turn.

•Who wants to look out their window and see inside their neighbor’s house merely twenty feet away?

•Who wants to hear everything happening in the house adjacent to you?

•Wouldn’t you rather find a home that comes with ample grounds and some elbow room?

•Wouldn’t it be nice to wave at your neighbors nearby, rather than feel that they’re living right on top of you?


Thankfully, Galena has a population of about 750 inhabitants. This low population assures that you and your neighbors will feel spacious and roomy in your living environments.

Within the growing Galena community, you will find a very diverse demographic. About sixty percent of the Galena households are composed of families and young professionals. Like any well-rounded community, different viewpoints are important and welcome. Galena tends to lean toward the conservative political side of things, but Ohio, being a swing state, means that your opinions and views will always be heard and considered.

Lots of Kids

Having like-minded neighbors, as well as cultural variations in your community can really help to enhance your overall living experience. Raising your kids in this kind of setting will certainly help to burgeon their tiny minds and shape them into open-hearted and caring beings.


Almost two-thirds of the households of galena are married couples. At least half of those households have children under eighteen living in them. It is also reassuring to know that nearby Columbus was recently rated number two in American cities which are the safest cities for young children. As parents we all rest easier knowing that our kids are safe, and Galena provides exactly that safety we’re looking for.

Galena Ohio Homes For Sale – Good schools

There are four public schools in Galena Ohio. With only nineteen students per instructor, you can be sure that your children will have the attention of their teacher and not be overlooked.


I must also mention Big Walnut Schools, which provides educational services to the kids that live in the Sunbury/Galena area and the immediate surrounding townships in Delaware County. They are rated B+ by, and their students tend to test higher than the Ohio state average results. Another big plus in the Big Walnut school district is its Special Education program and its Gifted Program, which both often exceed the state and federally required minimums.

With all these local schools just right around the corner, you can drop off and pick up your kids from school without stressing your own work routine. If they end up having to take the bus, then you are confident they will make it home safely in no time at all from the schoolyard.

Close to Everything

Delaware County Ohio is one of the fastest growing counties in OH and has no shortage of great little towns and villages. Living in Galena means you are fifteen minutes from a handful of excellent locations to accommodate whatever itch you want to scratch. For instance, the sunny town of Sunbury is about five minutes from Galena. Sunbury tops five thousand inhabitants, which makes Galena feel bigger than it is.

There’s a great little indoor play spot called Fun in the Jungle in Sunbury. Every kid loves an indoor jungle gym, and this one offers separate areas for toddlers and for older kids. They also have an arcade, a bowling area, and a skating rink.

The Glass Rooster Cannery is another fun place to visit. You and your kids can learn about sustainable farming and canning in one of their regularly offered classes. They are masters at recycling and repurposing materials to use in artistic ways, and they consciously compost all their materials to use in their gardens and surrounding landscapes. Between the food shops and art and antique bars, and the farm-to-table catering events they offer, your family is sure to be satisfied across the board.

In Columbus, you can visit the art areas of the Short North Arts District and also the Franklinton Arts District. Both of these areas offer regular events for viewing galleries and artisan shops, and attending the Franklinton Scrawl is a fun two-day event for the whole family. Columbus is also known for its great fashion scene and we must not forget to mention the Columbus Museum of Art as well.

When it comes to performing arts in the Galena area, you can bet on finding something that will thrill each member of your family. For the past forty years, Columbus has been dazzled with poetic dancing from the Ballet Met. Equally beautiful is the music your family will hear from the Columbus Symphony. If it’s theater you want to see, then check out the season’s lineup at the Shadowbox Live theater company.

Galena Ohio Homes For Sale – Beautiful nature

Galena happens to sit in the middle of Ohio, which means you have access to the amazing nature of the whole state. Let’s look at some of the nearby nature locations that will provide you and your family with endless activities and fun.


Hoover Reservoir Park is a few minutes up the road in Sunbury. Just think of the possibilities for playing and exploring in these 4700 acres of natural settings. The park offers chances to hike, picnic, go boating, and go fishing. If you are a birding enthusiast, you will be thrilled to see the array of local and migratory birds in the park throughout the year. There is a 1500ft boardwalk granting access to the marshlands, and putting you deep in the middle of the local wildlife. Other fun options include a disc golf course, a sailing club, an apple orchard, a boat club, a marina, and a boat launch.

Also just around the corner is the Hogback Ridge Preserve. This 41 acre property offers scenic hiking, where one can see turkeys and deer amongst the glacier-carved hills and streams.

Out of the way living

Let’s talk about commuting to work. No one likes to commute. The last thing you want to do is waste hours of your life away from your family, driving to and from work. What if your commute was only twenty-five to thirty minutes each day? That sounds like a breeze when you think of those poor folks spending hours on the Los Angeles or Dallas Metroplex highways day in and day out.

Getting to and from work or just traveling locally in the Galena area in general, brings you to a meditative and tranquil space inside. Being surrounded by forest and farmland as you are driving, helps to create less stress and helps you feel empowered and calmer, knowing that you are living in a beautiful place.

Galena Ohio Homes For Sale – Low crime rate

Another great benefit of living in the Galena area is the fact that there is very little crime. You can also be confident that your community, that is, your neighbors, also enjoy living in a low crime area, and will always help you maintain a vigilant eye out for anything or anyone that may seem suspicious. The concept of ’you watch my back, and I’ll watch yours’ is very evident in the Galena community.

The average crime rate across America is one in every forty-three persons. That sounds a bit scary. However, the crime rate in the Galena area is one in one hundred thirty persons. That’s almost six times lower than the American average. This certainly is a comforting statistic, and one more reason to consider living there, wouldn’t you agree? Property crime in Galena is actually forty-two percent lower than the national average. Overall, violent crimes are rare and have been declining in recent years.

If in the case you experience a crime or need first responder help, nearby Sunbury has emergency medical services that normally respond within four to eight minutes. The local fire department has three full-time firefighters and several more on call, who are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You’ve probably never thought about it, but living in a smaller town or village means you are always closer to help if you need it.

The Sunbury police department and the Genoa police department both serve the Galena area. Wow, two nearby police departments mean twice the response and twice the protection for you and your family.

Employment possibilities

The average household income in Galena is just over fifty-thousand dollars per year. A recent census showed that only four percent of Galena is unemployed. These stats suggest that the employment opportunities in the area are numerous. One of the great things about working in the Galena area is you can choose between agricultural jobs, tech jobs, retail jobs, professional service jobs, and much more. Major employers in the Columbus/Galena area are JPMorgan Chase & Co, Victoria Secret, Bath&Body Works, Honda of America, and American Electric Power.

Galena Ohio Homes For Sale – Affordable housing

The average house value in Galena is about four hundred eighty-thousand dollars and has actually appreciated ten percent in the last twelve months. At the same time, the prices of homes in Galena have actually gone down about thirteen percent in the past year. This means buying a house in Galena is certainly a great investment. Everyone loves a buyer’s market.


Galena is ripe with a plethora of houses to purchase. If you search online for homes in Galena, you will find great fixer-uppers ready to have your creative hands and creative mind get to work on them. You will also find older homes that are still in great shape. This means that you might not have to do more than a little cosmetic work to whip them back into tip-top form. You will certainly be able to find a few newer built homes, but for the most part, the market will be flush with homes built in the past fifty years.

The smallest house recently found for sale in Galena was 912 square feet, and the largest on the recent market was 6120 square feet. Another option in this buyers’ market would be empty lots ranging from 1.08 acres to the largest at 84 acres. If you are one of those brave souls who love the idea of building their own home, then you are looking in the right place for land to buy in and around Galena.

The right time to move to Galena

Let’s wrap it up with a quick recap.

Galena is a great small town just outside Columbus, Ohio, where your family can feel safe and sound. If you were to purchase a home there, you know that your kids will go to good schools and have plenty of places to explore and entertain themselves. You know that there is very little crime and that in itself is super important. That means you and your family can live with peace of mind.

You also know that if you work locally or have to commute to Columbus, you are certain to get there and get home with little stress or danger. That will give you more time at home and more time to just live your life. If you are moving to Galena in search of a new job, or in the unfortunate scenario that you have to find a job in the future, then there are plenty of possibilities and industries you can choose from.

You and your family will never get bored because there are so many places to visit that provide fun, entertainment, and exploration for all ages. You can spend your Saturday at the movies with your loved ones, and your next day, Sunday, either playing golf with friends or fishing with your little ones.


You now know without a doubt that your kids will have great schools and teachers for their educational needs. That your kiddos won’t go overlooked in school and if they have any issues or setbacks, they will be addressed immediately by the ample staff and excellent faculty around them.

You also know that your family has many chances to make friends with other families, as Galena is full of them. You know your kids will have lots of kids to make friends with. So get ready, because your house may become the new favorite hangout for many of the local flavors once your kids arrive and become the latest ’new kids’ that everyone wants to hang out with.

You know that there are many styles of homes and prices of homes to choose from. It’s very likely that you and your partner will be able to find a house that fits both your hopes and dreams and that your family will soon be settled in quickly at your new and spacious place.

As with any person moving to a new area, you surely have more questions. Take this new information you have just learned and do your own due diligence. I’d suggest you reach out to a local realtor and get have them answer your specific questions and concerns. Call the school board and see if they can give you some additional information that will put your mind at ease.

Do a thorough online search for other industries and job markets in the area. Find online reviews for restaurants and retail stores in the area and see what other people are saying about them. Search for the many festivals and events that are offered in the area and see how many things you can find that fit your precise idea of the community you wish to live in.

Go into this endeavor with all the information you need, and you will surely make the right choice for your entire family.

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