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Welcome to Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale!

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in America, from locales right outside the city to beautiful close-knit communities ideal for starting a family and raising children. Dublin Ohio homes for sale is one such place. With suburban conveniences and a relative closeness to the city of Columbus, there’s a lot to love about Dublin. In fact, it’s often regarded as one of the best cities in America year after year.

Let’s look closer at what makes Dublin a great place to buy real estate and a great place to be all around!

Top 10 Reasons to Move to Dublin

1. Nationally ranked as one of the best

2. Excellent education

3. Great property value

4. Short commute to Columbus

5. Diverse food scene

6. Exceptionally low crime rate

7. Extremely active arts and culture scene

8. Impressive array of local attractions

9. Hot market for investing

10. Up and coming area

Dublin –  Where is it?

Dublin, Ohio is approximately 20 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio, making it a quick trip to get into the action of Columbus anytime the mood strikes. Dublin, however, is approximately 25 square feet in size with Ohio’s Scioto River cutting right through it. This geography accounts for deep gorges rich in limestone. It’s naturally picturesque, but also explains the role of quarries in the city’s storied history.


The 2020 Census estimated approximately 49,328 residents. These numbers have surged over the past couple of decades and it’s never been more lively in the city of Dublin. With a large Irish population, approximately 14%, the city is known for its annual three-day Irish festival which claims to be the largest of its kind in the world.

Set in Franklin County, Dublin is a suburb of Columbus with lots of appeal, attractions, and earning potential for new homeowners in a great real estate market.

The History of Dublin

As with all of America, the Native Americans were the first inhabitants of Dublin, including the Hopewell, Adena, Delaware, Shawnee, and Wyandot tribes for whom schools, landmarks, and villages are named today.

In 1794, General Anthony Wayne engaged these tribes in the Battle of Fallen Timbers and drove them off the land. Afterwards, the Wyandot tribe signed the Treaty of Greenville which surrendered the land to the fledgling United States government. The land was subsequently awarded to Revolutionary War leaders as payment for their services in the war.

In 1802, a man named John Sells purchased 400 acres of this land and would allow his business partner, an Irish man named John Shields, to name it. He chose Dublin in honor of his hometown, the capital of Ireland.

All the way up to 1970, the town remained small and relatively uninhabited with only some stores and less than 700 residents. The construction of Interstate 270 changed that, bringing in more and more people as the years passed.


Ashland Inc. and Wendy’s facilitated the population boom at this time as well by setting up major corporate headquarters in Dublin and bringing in thousands of jobs for the locals. The Muirfield Village Golf Club would be constructed and opened in 1974 as well, adding an upscale attraction bringing in affluent people to the region.

In 1987, Dublin had grown to 5,000 residents, earning official status as a city. It would continue to grow prodigiously over the years with numerous industries thriving in the suburb, proximity to Columbus, and constant recognition as one of the best small cities in America.

By 2020, the population had grown tenfold into the near 50,000 people that make up the city today. It continues to rank regularly as one of the greatest small cities in America.

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale – Career Opportunities

New residents of Dublin will find a plethora of places looking for employees, and those with existing skill sets and a track record in any industry will find somewhere local or not too far to continue on their career path.

Major corporations Ashland Inc. and Wendy’s have office headquarters in town. Individuals with corporate jobs like management, marketing, branding, sales, and other fields will find work with these large corporations or at any of many similar smaller corporate offices in the region.

With so many new businesses emerging regularly in Dublin, you won’t have to travel far to find a great opportunity. Beyond everything available in the city, there’s also Columbus only 20 miles away for seemingly endless opportunities in any industry. Some folks won’t mind the quick commute into this urban area for the greater opportunities and higher earning potential. However, there’s a lot of opportunity in Dublin so you might not need to even leave the zip code to enjoy exciting career growth and above average earning potential.

Crime in Dublin

Dublin is not only one of the most up and coming locales of Ohio, but it also boasts an extremely low crime rate which makes it one of the safest cities in Ohio and one of the safest in the whole United States of America as well.

Statistically, your chances of becoming a victim of a crime in Ohio is 1 in 327, your chances in Dublin are 1 in 2,242. Residents are aware of this and it shows in how they regard one another. Neighbors are neighborly and friendly to one another, and the community is kind and generous to one another.

Newcomers from other cities may find this striking at first, but living in Dublin for some time and you’ll soon see why everyone is so carefree. It’s overall a great place to live because of how safe it is in Dublin.

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale – Schools

When Dublin’s population grew tenfold over the past few decades, the level of services and quality of programs increased tenfold as well. As such, you’ll get one of the best educations possible in Dublin, Ohio. Your children have access to some of the best schools in the state.

Elementary schools such as Deer Run Elementary School, Glacier Ridge Elementary School, Wyandot Elementary School, and Eli Pinney Elementary School all boast Top 10% status, even Top 5% in some cases. Their PK-5 programs are among the best in the state, as well as the best in the country.


The superior schooling is not exclusive to the primary schools, however. Willard Grizzell Middle School, Henry Karrer Middle School, Dublin Jerome High School, and Dublin Coffman High School are all highly ranked. Dublin Jerome is actually in the Top 5% and serves less than 2,000 students between grades 9 and 12. This guarantees your child will receive a well above average education and individualized attention made possible by the relatively small class sizes.

Parents looking to make sure their children receive a great education that will position them for acceptance into a competitive college and eventually into a lucrative career can rest assured knowing the schools in Dublin, Ohio are excellent.

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale – Outdoor Attractions

There’s loads to do in the community, which features parks, pools, and open spaces that showcase the region’s extensive and exquisite features. Dublin is home to a number of must-visit parks including:

• Amberleigh Community Park

• Avery Park

• Ballantrae Community Park

• Coffman Park

• Darree Fields

• Emerald Fields

• Indian Run Falls Park

• Indian Run Meadows Park

• Kiwanis Riverway Park

• M.I. Red Trabue Nature Reserve

• Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park

• Scioto Park

• Thaddeus Kosciuszko Park

These areas are home to outdoor recreational activities including tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, and more.



Some, like the Ballantrae Community Park, feature extra special attractions like the water play area that will shoot water up from the ground much to your children’s delight.

Some of these spaces are truly breathtaking, incorporating sculptures and other visual components that will give you great photo ops and impress visitors each visit. For example, Scioto Park has an iconic sculpture, called “Leatherlips” by locals, which features a face sculpted from the region’s indiginous stone bricks.


The many parks in Dublin are also home to fishing ponds, sledding hills, trails, and much, much more.

In addition, Dublin is home to the Muirfield Village Golf Club, founded by former pro golfer Jack Nicklaus himself, which offers golf to the community, tennis, and swimming for its members. Following the 2020 Memorial Tournament, it underwent a massive renovation and now is one of the newest and most impressive courses in the country.

MVGC is not open to public use, but members and their guests are the only ones allowed to use the course and the club’s facilities. For affluent residents of Dublin, it’s an upscale attraction that provides exclusiveness and amenities to those interested.

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale – Arts and Culture

There’s a lot to do in Dublin in terms of art and culture.

Avery Park, for instance, is home to the Out of Bounds public art exhibit which features seven 10-foot high soccer ball sculptures for viewing and photo ops. Sam & Eulalia Frantz Park is another one that revolves around public art, featuring 109 concrete ears of corn standing 8-feet high. Many of Dublin’s parks are home to at least one public art piece, but there are some completely dedicated for art and artistry.

Dublin is also home to a number of festivals each year, celebrating holidays, sports, history, culture, and more in the community. Events include:

• St. Patrick’s Day Parade

• Memorial Tournament (Golf)

• Memorial Day Ceremony

• Independence Day Celebration

• Dublin Irish Festival

• Halloween Spooktacular

• Veteran’s Day

• Tree Lighting

• Much, much more!

Perhaps no event is quite as widely attended or famous as the Dublin Irish Festival, which regularly hosts more than 100,000 attendees for live music, local cuisine, exceptional beer and wine, and a celebration of Irish culture over the course of three days.

The festival has been running for over thirty years and always takes place in the first weekend of August when the weather is simply perfect. The 2022 festival was one for the ages, boasting 65 acts, 525 performers, and countless local vendors in attendance. The Dublin Irish Festival is great for the locals and the local economy, but it also brings in loads of tourists each year as one of the premier attractions in Dublin.

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale – Cuisine

Of course, droves of people flocked to Dublin over the past few decades, but what kept them there? A lot of factors contributed, but the food is one of the best features of the region too! With an excellent array of options that will scratch just about any itch and satisfy any craving, there are loads of great food spots in Dublin.

The Rail is one of the best restaurants of the area that combines local ingredients, local flair, and local sensibilities with universally recognized and applauded execution. Award-winning chef Mike Mariola makes a burger so mean that it’s won awards every year several years in a row, including a televised win on the TV show Burger Wars. His flavors are top-tier, but the restaurant also showcases spirits from local distilleries, dairy from local dairy farms, and beer from local breweries. Overall, it’s one of the best food destinations in America and a must-visit when in Dublin.


Those in search of exotic flavors need look no further than Cafe Istanbul. This warm, cozy establishment serves Turkish cuisine and features some of the best seasoned lamb you can get anywhere. Stop in for the scrumptious falafel, kebabs, and more, and stay for the welcoming staff and friendly faces. It’s an excellent establishment, and one of many that illustrate the variety of cuisine types in Dublin.

If you want to know where the locals gather to enjoy a pint of Guinness, the Dublin Village Tavern is where you’ll find all the action year round. The bar and grill serves standard pub fare with an Irish spin on classic staples like the Irish Egg Rolls, which pack an eggroll wrapper with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese with a thousand island dipping sauce, or the Irish Whiskey Glazed Salmon, which plates a Norwegian salmon glazed with Irish whiskey and orange flavors. Help yourself to a heaping pub portion and wash it all down with a pint of Guinness or any of many more exquisite craft beer selections.


Looking for something sweet instead? Our CupCakery is a local bakery that specializes in confections of all kinds for all occasions, with an emphasis, of course, on unique cupcake flavors and styles. The business serves most areas of Central Ohio including Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, and Columbus. They not only create sweet treats and custom cakes for all occasions, they host classes for hopeful cake bakers and decorators as well to learn new techniques from the professionals there. It’s an overall great establishment and sweet stop in Dublin.

Whether you’re looking for fine flavors of American, Irish, or any other cuisine, Dublin has it covered with some of the most exceptional cuisine options anywhere. You’ll come for any number of reasons, but you’ll stay for the food!

Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale

With an exponential increase in population, the Dublin real estate market shows no signs of cooling in the coming years. We can expect the median home listing price and home values to stay hot, making the market excellent for future home buyers in search of their dream homes and savvy investors alike. Whatever your purposes for perusing the plethora of Dublin homes for sale, you’re sure to find something of excellent value that will serve as a great asset and intelligent investment either way.

Property values range extensively with many attractive options landing between $500,000 and $700,000 for a sizable estate, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and modern fixtures while being located in close proximity to many attractions and, of course, public transportation that takes commuters into Columbus.

The median home price in 2023 falls in the $540,000 region which is roughly a 15% uptick from the last year. This trend shows no sign of slowing, so hopeful property owners are at a crossroads and will need to determine if they can jump into the market now or risk the values climbing even higher.


For current homeowners, however, that figure is only poised to climb higher, making a recent or historic purchase of real estate in Dublin an intelligent and soon-to-be extremely lucrative choice. A kudos to these homeowners, whether they had the foresight to predict this trend or not. For the rest, it’s not too late, but the time to act is now!

Final Takeaways

Dublin, Ohio is one of those special suburbs that combines the appeal and attractions of city-living with the picturesque beauty of the countryside and the neighborliness of suburban communities. You get a beautiful marriage of all the things that make any place in America great.

It’s no wonder that Dublin, Ohio constantly ranks as one of the best small cities in America. It’s one of the best places to live in Ohio, and even ranks as one of the best in the entirety of the United States.

Beyond the many, many reasons for moving to or purchasing real estate in Dublin, Ohio, the market is only going to get hotter following a recent upswing in property values and prices. Take a look at the inventory now and find your little slice of paradise in Dublin, Ohio today!

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