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The Columbus condos for sale market is simply on fire today, and condominiums are going fast. In a big city like Columbus, it’s rare to find a great house that’s central to all the major city areas and attractions, so condominiums are often preferred. If you’re looking to buy one of many incredible Columbus condos for sale, you’ll be pleased to know that the area is simply stunning and might very well be the greatest up and coming city in America.


Columbus is the capital city of Ohio, with 225 square miles of neighborhoods and nearly 1 million people calling it home. In recent years, the City of Columbus has experienced incredible growth, and it is currently the 14th most populated city in America today. Great properties are very much coveted in the city due to this, as many newcomers are flocking to the area.

In addition, the City of Columbus has repaid the population surge with increased funding to revitalization efforts in the downtown and waterfront areas. Approximately $50 million has been allocated to improve the prevalence of modern conveniences, new attractions, small businesses, and other essentials in these areas, so that everyone in the neighborhood can benefit from this new growth.

If you want a great place to set up shop in Columbus but you’re not so interested in owning a full-on home, a condominium is often a great option. Unlike rentals where you build no equity over time, you own your investment, and will reap a hefty reward once you have finished living there and sell it on the open market, which is only poised to continue performing well year over year.

Currently, there are many condominiums for sale in Columbus, Ohio with a median listing price at $245,000. This marks a steady increase compared to figures last year, so property values are rising in the condo market too. For a relatively affordable price, property buyers will enjoy a wide selection of places that offer new construction, new fixtures and materials, modern conveniences, and options that provide multiple bedrooms or bathrooms as your needs may dictate.

There’s something for everyone on the market now, but it won’t last forever and the prices are set to skyrocket soon. As more inventory is sold and the up and coming status of Columbus guarantees a continual flux of newcomers, the Columbus real estate market will be made for sellers soon enough.

And it makes sense why people are coming in droves to this premier Midwestern hub of business and culture. With nearly 1 million residents and thriving industries available for professionals of all kinds, it’s a great place to get a strong career path in motion. The schools are excellent as well, and your children will be set to receive some of the best education available in this region of the country.

There’s a lot to love about Columbus, Ohio and, with property values only going up from here, there’s never been a better time to shop for your perfect condominium. Contact your real estate agent today and find your perfect slice of paradise!

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