25 Best Things in Columbus

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Welcome to 25 best things in Columbus!

25 best things in Columbus – everyone knows about the sights and sounds of New York City or the star-studded setting of Los Angeles, but what about the Midwest? Most folks aren’t aware of the diamond-in-the-rough that is Columbus, Ohio. With a population of nearly 1 million people, Columbus is currently the 14th largest city in the United States.

In addition, the local government has poured almost $50 million into revitalization efforts to build up the area’s offerings and position it to be one of the most attractive destinations to live or visit in the United States.

There’s always something to do or see in Columbus. Here are 25 best things to do in Columbus, Ohio that will provide endless enjoyment to residents and tourists alike!

1. 25 Best Things in Columbus – North Market

If you’re looking for a spot that demonstrates the liveliness that Columbus is all about, the North Market is one of the most popular attractions in Central Ohio. A 145-year-old public market with an eclectic collection of independent merchants, farmers, and makers, you’ll find a great selection of food, drinks, and other fine merchandise that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sample selections of fresh product, meat, poultry, seafood, specialty food items, international cuisine, and other tasty tidbits, or grab a distinctive gift from one of over 30 boutique vendors that breathe personality into the market and fuel the local economy.

Not only will you have your pick of many great items for purchase, the North Market also hosts events regularly including evening events. Live music fills the air and craft breweries come out to share some of their most exclusive selections. The North Market also holds a raffle at events like these where prizes of up to a $10,000 value may be awarded to one lucky participant.

Overall, the North Market is one of Columbu’s most awesome attractions. You can get your hands on the ripest, freshest fruit from the farm stands, handmade jewelry with incredible craftsmanship, beautiful flower arrangements, and much, much more.

The best part? Admission is free! Stop by and check out North Market for yourself!

2. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens


There’s something to see year round at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Founded in 1895, it serves as home to an exceptional collection of art as well as gardens and plants that are second-to-none.

Make no mistake about it– there’s nothing conservative about the selection at this conservatory. Franklin Park Conservatory is home to over 400 species of plants.

The plants are housed in climate-appropriate biomes based on the region from which they derive. For instance, you may enter the Himalayan Mountain area, the Tropical Rainforest section, or even the Palm House which features over 40 different species of palm tree alone.

The Conservatory is set in the Franklin Park neighborhood and, you guessed it, within the 88-acre Franklin Park which is a stunning sight in its own right.

Is there anything to do at the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens if you’re not so into horticulture? Absolutely! There is a wide array of attractions, currently bringing in nearly 500,000 visitors annually, for everyone to enjoy beyond the botanical beauty.

The seasonal butterfly exhibit, Blooms & Butterflies, is an annual delight that brings in people by the droves. In the Pacific Island Water Garden, thousands of butterflies fly free for all to enjoy. It’s a stunning sight that pictures just don’t do justice. It must be seen firsthand to be truly experienced.

There’s also a massive art collection to check out, mostly glasswork by Dale Chihuly. Chihuly’s collection consists of over 3,000 unique glass pieces, each with stunning detail and intricacy, that is a true wonder to witness. The collection was purchased in 2004 and cost nearly $7 million, and now available today thanks to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

It’s a truly awesome place to check out, indeed.

3. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Ohio Stadium


Football fans probably place “the House that Harley built” at the top of their list of awesome things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

Even folks that enjoy football or sports on a casual level will be impressed by the sheer size of Ohio Stadium, which seats over 100,000 people for home games of the Ohio State Buckeyes, which has historically been a very accomplished college football team that locals and fans nationwide simply can’t get enough of.

Don your team colors, red and gray for the Buckeyes, and catch a game while you’re in town. Again, even casual sports fans will find plenty to enjoy, as the atmosphere during a game is simply electric. You’ll soon be planning your next visit and may find yourself a bona fide, certified Buckeyes fan after one visit to this incredible stadium.

Ohio Stadium is the fourth largest on-campus football stadium in the country. Nestled on the banks of the famed Olentangy River, it’s a beacon of college athletics, and over 36 million fans have sat in the seats of the stadium since it was built in 1922.

It’s a stadium and a team steeped in history and tradition, and an undeniably awesome place to visit in Columbus, Ohio.

4. COSI (Center of Science and Industry)


Whether you’re an amateur scientist, avid science fan, or just simply like to check out some cool stuff, COSI, or the Center of Science and Industry, is awesome in every sense of the word.

With a mission to “engage, inspire, and transform lives and communities,” COSI has earned various distinctions over the years, including the #1 Science Center for Families by Parent Magazine in 2008 and, more recently, the #1 Science Museum in the United States by USA Today in 2020.

Inside COSI’s stunning 320,000 square foot facility, you’ll find themed exhibit areas that effectively transport you to other worlds. Visit the Ocean Exhibit and try your hand at piloting an ROV, remote operated vehicle, to explore the ocean floor. Stop by the COSI Planetarium, the largest in Ohio, and look at stars, planets, constellations, and other cosmic elements, or simply catch a cool laser light show.

Everyone can picture the iconic dinosaur skeletons of New York’s American Museum of Natural History, but Ohioans need not travel to take in the awesome sight of a T-rex skeleton when COSI has a massive full-size cast of the dinosaur king right in Columbus. The dinosaur gallery is amazing, featuring numerous jaw-dropping exhibits like the 8-foot-long titanosaur femur that illustrates the massive size these creatures truly were.

COSI boasts various accolades, and for good reason. It’s beyond a doubt one of the most awesome places to visit in Columbus, Ohio.

5. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Ohio Theatre


The Ohio Theatre is an awesome feat of architecture, a relic of living history, and a great place to catch plays and productions while in the City of Columbus. This theater seats nearly 2,800 people in a ballroom that will truly take your breath away.

Designed by renowned theater architect Thomas Lamb and decorated by New York designer Ann Dormin, the interior is breathtaking, featuring themed rooms that showcase elements of Dormin’s travels.

Although the theater was built in 1928, it was nearly demolished in 1969 when developers made plans to put a tower at the site. However, the community would not permit developers to decimate a beacon of arts and culture, and so they banded together to fight the effort and won. As such, they established the Ohio Theatre’s status as a National Historic Landmark in 1977.

Today, Columbus residents and tourists alike get to visit and take in their own little piece of Midwestern style “Broadway” in the form of excellent plays, productions, comedians, concerts, and more.

6. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Short North Arts District

Stop by the Short North Arts District to see an example of why Columbus is also called the “Arch City.” This unique design feature of arches across each avenue with brilliant lighting and a sophisticated aesthetic is just one of many things you’ll see in this area.

The Short North Arts District is a must-visit and establishes itself as one of the best areas of Columbus for shopping, dining, nightlife, and other entertainment options. Facades sport murals and other artistic creations, while the lights are bright to paint the night in vibrant hues.

While there are various public art displays throughout the district, art aficionados may treat themselves to a visit to a great collection of galleries like the Pizzuti Collection, Lindsay Gallery, Brant Roberts Galleries, and more.

Take in the sights then grab a quick bite at any of many diverse foodie options. Grab a dish of elevated ramen at Ampersand Asian Supper Club or the freshest seafood around at The Pearl. Help yourself to a pint of Wolf’s Ridge Midwestern Lager, brewed right in Columbus, at Bodega Food + Beer.

Not only is there ample shopping, dining, and art, but there’s a great collection of outdoor attractions as well including parks, like the local favorite Goodale Park, and events that include food tours, seasonal favorites like Halloween, Christmas, and other holidays, and cultural celebrations like Oktoberfest and more.

There’s always something awesome to do in the Short North, which is why it’s one of the best destinations for tourists in Columbus, Ohio.

7. 25 Best Things in Columbus – German Village


Probst! If you want to grab a tasty bite of wienerschnitzel and a stein of Kolsch, you want to check out Columbus’ German Village immediately.

One step into the stunning locale and you’ll see a collection of 19th century brick structures that were erected to accommodate a flux of German immigrants during that time. While the neighborhood grows more diverse as the years pass, it is still predominantly German, and locals regularly “sprechen Deutsch” to propagate their cultural roots.

From the quaint neighborhood vibes to the culture which is inherent in every detail of the community, it’s an incredible place to visit and check out. Grab the best German fare anywhere from Schmidt’s Sausage Haus or search for a rare find at The Book Loft, one of the largest independent book retailers in America.

Help yourself to something sweet at Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees, the city’s premier spot for luxurious caramels, creams, truffles, and brittles, and bring them over to Schiller Park for a quiet picnic in one of Columbus’ most picturesque parks.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during Oktoberfest, you’ll get your fair share of robust beers, wenches and lederhosen, and oompah music amidst happy, and drunken, locals and traditional German drinking songs. In terms of festivals in Columbus, Oktoberfest is one of the biggest and best anywhere around.

8. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Museum of Art


The Columbus Museum of Art is a shining example of arts and culture alive and well in the American Midwest. While many aficionados and avid collectors assume the best collections are only available on the coastal cities like New York and Los Angeles, the Columbus Museum of Art shows that this misconception couldn’t be more wrong.

Originally created in 1878 and named “Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts,” the museum hosts a collection of American and European art, both modern and contemporary, as well as folk art, glass art, and photography. It was renamed to Columbus Museum of Art in 1978 and added to the registry of National Historic Landmarks in 1992.

Beyond the exquisite collection of art, the museum itself is a fantastic feat of architecture using decorative limestone moldings, keystones, bullseye medallions, and incredible limestone friezes.

If you’re looking to spend a quiet afternoon filled with arts and culture, Columbus Museum of Art is one of the best places to visit in Columbus, Ohio. It’s one of the most awesome things to do for art enthusiasts, tourists, and other interested people who love a great gallery and stunning collection.

9. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Topiary Park

Officially named “Old Deaf School Park” due to its location in proximity to the Ohio School for the Deaf, formerly named Ohio Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, the Topiary Park is available to the public and maintained now by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

With 9.2 acres of sprawling greenery and stunning topiaries fashioned into fun shapes, it’s a marvel to behold, and a truly awesome experience in Columbus, Ohio. Walk the grounds and take in incredible topiaries shaped like animals, people, and more.

Not only is it a stunning feat of landscaping to see, but it’s great for photo ops and all around excellent for a leisurely stroll on a sunny afternoon.

While on the grounds, one will notice the old location of the Ohio School for the Deaf, which moved from the location in 1953. It was fortunate that the building was unoccupied thereafter, as no less than fifteen fires ravaged the location by Topiary Park in 1981 and officials recommended the structure be demolished.

However, preservationists fought this and were able to save the structure, which is stunning from the outside due to the 1832 architectural stylings utilized. While the building was saved and added as a historical place, it remains unoccupied today.

10. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Park of Roses

Also known as the Whetstone Park of Roses, Columbus’ Park of Roses is a 13-acre public park maintained by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department located in Clintonville. It is free to the public and showcases some of the most beautiful rose gardens you will find anywhere in America, making it undeniably awesome and one of the best things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

The Park of Roses is your perfect Valentine’s Day spot to bring your sweetie, with over 11,000 roses and 350 varieties that show the diversity of this quintessentially romantic flower. Areas to visit include the Formal Rose Garden, Heritage Rose Garden, Perennial Garden, Herb Garden, Backyard Garden, and Arboretum.

Beyond the extensive flower gardens of unparalleled beauty, the Park of Roses also features picnic areas, a stunning gazebo, a shelter house which may be reserved for parties or events like weddings and more, walking trails, and forests.

The Arboretum is an exquisite location on-site as well, boasting 138 species of tree and providing a haven for various Ohio native birds and bugs, making it a bustling ecosystem filled with life and exuberance.

For folks that love the great outdoors and nature, you will feel right at home in Columbus’ Park of Roses.

11. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Easton Town Center

While Columbus is steeped in history, the Easton Town Center is a little slice of modern paradise. Opened in 1999, developers intended for the area to look almost self-contained like its own town, featuring fountains, a neighborhood grid, and metered parking for the various storefronts and brick-and-mortar businesses that line the streets.

The attractions of Easton Town Center attract over 30 million annual visitors, both tourists and residents alike, offering shopping, dining, entertainment, and other features that provide people with many great things to do. It is most certainly one of the most awesome things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

We’re talking about over 250 retailers and restaurants including a two-story arcade, a comedy club, a burlesque club, virtual reality experience, and movie theater, as well as luxurious hotels that provide accommodations to Columbus tourists.

Stop by the Legoland Discovery Center and enjoy 36,000 square feet of Lego construction in a unique indoor playground. Rally a few friends and visit The Escape Game Columbus to see if you have what it takes to solve the puzzle and earn your freedom.

After all the fun in daytime, try retiring to a fine dining experience at Mitchell’s Ocean Club for decadent seafood fare, or simply grab a brew and a beer at the Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern. Finish your evening with a movie at the AMC or a comedy set at Funny Bone Comedy Club.

There’s always something to do at Easton Town Center. Whether you’re a tourist coming to check out the city’s digs for an evening of entertainment or a local looking to go out on the town, Easton Town Center is one of the best spots to go.

12. Schiller Park

If you’re spending an afternoon in German Village, Schiller Park is a must-visit. With almost 24 acres of land to sprawl out and unwind, it’s one of Columbus’ most beautiful parks and one of the best places to visit while in Columbus.

Not only does the park provide refuge for German Village tourists and locals to sit down and relax in a picturesque setting, but there are various features and amenities to make the visit extra worthwhile. Schiller Park’s attractions include a basketball court, floral displays, a stunning gazebo, picnic areas, a playground for the little ones, a pond, a lighted tennis court, walking trails, and athletic fields for various sports.

Schiller Park also hosts a recreation center, aptly named the Schiller Community Center, where visitors can attend classes or events in the art room or auditorium on-site. From fitness to hobbies, there are a plethora of programs available for residents to sign up for and practice new skills in a community environment.

There’s loads to do and plenty to see at Schiller Park. If you’re in German Village, it’s a shoe-in for your go-to meeting spot.

13. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Nationwide Arena

You don’t have to be a Columbus Blue Jackets or NHL fan to enjoy a visit to Nationwide Arena. The complex was built in 2000 on the site where a prison once stood but now, along with the Greater Columbus Convention Center, it’s the go-to spot for conventions, events, and other festivities where large gatherings will take place.

One of the most popular events hosted at Nationwide Arena, other than regular NHL season matches, is the annual Arnold Classic, a renowned weightlifting and bodybuilding competition hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

The facility is massive with seating for nearly 20,000 fans of hockey, basketball, or arena football, while concerts allow in 21,000 due to standing space in front of the stage. Major music acts, artists, and bands play the Nationwide Arena, and it’s one of the premier locations for high caliber talent.

Another great feature of Nationwide Arena is that, unlike most arenas where NHL games are played, Nationwide hosts on-site parking so that patrons are not at the mercy of nearby garages, street parking, or public transit schedules and fares.

That’s not to say the public transportation in Columbus isn’t incredible, because it is, but it is a perk to know you can drive directly to Nationwide Arena, park the car, and enjoy your evening with less hassle than you would encounter in other major cities.

14. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Scioto Mile

Are you a bona fide park lover through and through? Then the Scioto Mile is just for you!

The Scioto Mile, as the name suggests, stretches alongside the Scioto River through nine different public parks in Columbus, Ohio. From this one convenient stretch, visitors have access to the Alexander AEP Park, Battelle Riverfront Park, Bicentennial Park, Dorrian Green, Genoa Park, McFerson Commons, North Bank Park, Scioto Audubon Metro Park and the Scioto Mile Promenade. Among the nine, there are over 145 acres of public park, all available to the public and free of charge.

The Scioto Mile also will host events throughout the year to attract patrons from all locales both in Columbus and in neighboring regions like Dublin, Worthington, Westerville, and more. Some of the most popular include Columbus Arts Festival, the Columbus Caribbean Festival, Columbus Food Truck Festival, and Earth Day.

Whether you’re looking for a picturesque place to get in your morning jog, a quiet spot to sit and take in the view on a lazy afternoon, or a lively hub of arts and entertainment during community-coordinated events, the Scioto Mile is a very attractive spot to go.

Overall, it’s very much an awesome spot and a must-visit for Columbus natives and visitors alike.

15. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Ohio Statehouse


The history buffs among us will be delighted to stop by the Ohio Statehouse and see the location of the Ohio General Assembly, House of Representatives, and Senate, providing a workplace to state officials like the governor, lieutenant governor, state treasurer, and state auditor among many more.

The building itself is a prominent and visually striking piece of architecture that stands out from an aesthetic perspective alone. Not only is the building quite impressive, but it’s steeped in history as well since it sits at the site of ancient burial mounds made by the Hopewell people. The clay from these mounds was incorporated into the bricks used to build the Statehouse itself, and so the tradition of these ancient Ohioans is worked into the government building as a functional yet symbolic gesture.

The Ohio Statehouse holds tours regularly and hosts more than 500,000 yearly visitors. In addition to the actual workplace for Ohio government employees, the Ohio Statehouse also is the site for a museum which offers insight and exhibits regarding the state’s rich history.

Tours and visits to the museum are all free of charge.

16. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Ohio State University

Ohio State University ranks as one of the finest public universities in the United States, and one visit reveals precisely why. The campus itself is massive, the third largest university campus in the United States, and 50,000 undergraduates are there each day.

The academics are impressive, but Ohio State is also home to one of the nation’s largest athletic programs, an estimated $1.5 billion football program which makes the Ohio State Buckeyes less of a sports team and more of a business than anything else.

 Buckeye culture pervades Columbus, and locals live and breathe red and gray for their Buckeyes. It’s intense, sure, but the energy is so electric that it has a way of bringing in even casual sports fans.

If you’re not interested in simply walking the campus to take it all in or checking out the incredible sports program firsthand, Ohio State University is also home to the Wexner Center which hosts art exhibits and galleries for public viewing.

Whether you’re into academics, art, or good ol’ fashioned football, Ohio State University is an awesome spot to check and of course it’s one of the 25 best things in Columbus.

17. Kelton House Museum and Garden

As the name would suggest, the Discovery District of Columbus, Ohio prides itself on, you guessed it, being host to various discoveries both in history and for new visitors today. The Kelton House Museum and Garden sits in this district and offers a mansion that has a storied past.

The house was built in 1852 by a merchant from Vermont named Fernando Cortez Kelton. An avid abolitionist, Kelton built an incredible home which was a great location for the Underground Railroad to help runaway slaves reach free states on their way to freedom.

The progressive mentality continued on after the Civil War era as Kelton’s son would marry Isabella Morrow Coit, a suffragist and one of the first four women to attend Ohio State University.

Beyond these integral historical events, the Kelton House itself is a stunning property with Greek and Italian design incorporated throughout for a stunning visual aesthetic that’s hard to find elsewhere.

While the Ketlons occupied the domicile up until 1975, it was inherited by the Junior League of Columbus and restored to the condition it was in between 1852 and 1900. Today, it serves as a museum and testament to the Kelton’s role in both anti-slavery and pro-women’s rights movements.

18. Great Southern Hotel & Theatre

Perfectly situated in Downtown Columbus, you’ll find the Great Southern Hotel & Theatre. Opened in 1896, it is one of the oldest surviving hotels of the area, and has thus achieved historic status that protects it today. The theater is one of the most exceptional sights to be seen, as the architecture is grandiose and perfectly accents the stage where plays, productions, and live music are put on regularly. Its immense arches not only accentuate the focal point, the stage, but it also creates some of the best natural acoustics around.

Overall, the Southern Theatre is one of the best spots for music or drama in the City of Columbus, and the Great Southern Hotel, now operating as a Westin, is not a bad place to stay while you’re in town either.

For theatergoers or those that like to be right in the heart of the Downtown District, the Great Southern Hotel & Theatre are an awesome attraction to check out while in the city.

19. ZipZone Outdoor Adventures

A lot of people are content to just walk through the bustling sections of the city, shop, eat, and take in all the sights and sounds to get their taste of Columbus, Ohio. For others, they need something a little more. Something with a little adrenaline worked into the offering.

For individuals that love a good rush of excitement, ZipZone Outdoor Adventures is your go-to spot for ziplining and outdoor adventures of all kinds. Soar over the treetops on a guided zipline tour like the 2 hour canopy tour which shows off Columbus’ natural beauty from a bird’s eye perspective. You’ll have the wind in your face and unbeatable views of Columbus from way up high.

If you’d rather not zip and glide through a guided tour, ZipZone also hosts an Adventure Park with five different courses and over 60 challenging obstacles to overcome. Children ages 7 and up are welcome to try their hand at these courses.

Little ones need not be left out, as there is a dedicated Kids Park for ages 4 to 7. Smaller children can try their hand at one of two unique courses made specially for them. Their accompanying adults are allowed to enter for free and escort them through by walking alongside the course.

Overall, ZipZone is an awesome place to visit while in Columbus. It’s great for both energetic children and adrenaline-seeking adults alike.

20. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Huntington Park

Are you all-American? Nothing is better than a slice of apple pie and America’s pastime– the sport of baseball?

If this is the case, you’ll love a visit to Huntington Park, which is home to the Columbus Clippers of the International League and the Cleveland Guardians, a Triple-A minor league affiliate. Fans can catch a game from the impressive 10,000+ seat stadium, which includes 32 suites, 42 lodge boxes, and 650 club seats.

Folks that love a cold brew to enjoy with the game will love the Left Field Building, which is home to a 110-foot bar that serves a wide variety of beers and premium spirits. In addition, there are six open patios for patrons to pop outside and maybe catch a pop fly while they’re out there.

Huntington Park also hosts live music events and has hosted legendary acts such as REO Speedwagon and the Dave Matthews Band.

Whether you’re a baseball fan or a music lover, a visit to Huntington Park is a must while in Columbus.

21. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Arena District

Of course, no sporting event would be complete without a great spot nearby to grab food or drinks before or after the game. In Columbus, the Arena District is an excellent spot to unwind after watching the Columbus Blue Jackets or the Clippers, or even for a nightcap after a live concert.

Maybe you saw a huge concert at Nationwide Arena and now you’re looking for some local talent and a beer to wrap up the night? Look no further than The Basement of A&R Music Bar. These two establishments are notorious for bringing in local talent for raw music performances. It’s a great spot and a great vibe for when you’ve had a blast at the bigger venues but you’re not quite ready to go home.

Half Pint is another great spot if you’d love the drink but could do without more live music for the evening. This establishment serves over 60 beers on tap and boasts a large outdoor patio so you can grab fresh air to go with your crisp brew and best buds.

The dining and nightlife is near unparalleled in the Arena District. It’s a must-visit for Columbus visitors or residents that are looking for an awesome night out that they’ll never forget.

22. Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

If some of your fondest pastimes include sitting in front of the tube on Saturday morning with a bowl of cereal and your eyes glued to a screen or waiting for the Sunday paper to arrive so you could promptly skip to the cartoons, you may love the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum.

This research library documents and displays thousands of original comic strips, editorial cartoons, and cartoon art for public viewing, featuring snippets from comic books, daily strips, Sunday strips, editorial cartoons, graphic novels, magazine cartoons, and sports cartoons.

The collection is staggering, including more than 450,000 original cartoons, 36,000 books, and 2.5 million comic strip clippings and tear sheets. Formerly named Cartoon Research Library and the Cartoon Library and Museum, but it was renamed in honor of popular cartoonist Billy Ireland to pay homage to a great artist in the field.

For cartoon lovers and history aficionados alike, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum is a really fun place to visit, and an awesome attraction in Columbus, Ohio.

23. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Lower.com Field

a lower field

Do you call soccer “football”? If so, Lower.com Field may be at the top of your list of places to go in Columbus, Ohio.

As of 2021, this $314 million stadium serves as home to the Columbus Crew, Ohio’s Major League Soccer team, after they relocated from their previous home at Historic Crew Stadium, which was their home between 1999 and 2021. The first game played at Lower.com Field was played in July 2021 between the Columbus Crew and the New England Revolution.

The stadium is impressive in size, featuring 20,000+ seats, 30 suites, and 1,900 club seats. As a new attraction in the popular Columbus Arena District, it’s an exciting sight and great place to visit for sports fans or those just looking for something different to do.

24. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Scioto Audubon Park

Part of the famed Scioto Mile, the Scioto Audubon Park is situated along the Scioto River and features 120 acres of public parkland for outdoor recreational activities of all kinds.

Whereas many parks provide green space to sprawl and celebrate, Scioto Audubon Park offers a little extra in terms of amenities. Beyond just the open space to convene, the park offers trails, wetlands, rock climbing, volleyball, bocce, and more.

One of the most unique and most awesome features of Scioto Audubon Park includes the obstacle course, which challenges fitness-oriented individuals to a test of their skills and abilities over the course of multiple obstacles. The course includes a quarter-mile running track, a tire flip, tire run, 8-foot wall, tunnel crawl, balance beams, monkey bars, cargo climb, belly crawl, over and under section, and a log crawl.

The rock climbing area is incredible and an attraction in its own right as well. With three towers and two archers that stretch over 35 feet high, it’s visually impressive and spans over 7,000 square feet of space. Seasoned climbers are welcome to belay for one another, but casual climbers are also welcome to clip into one of four available auto-belay devices that essentially safeguard you automatically without the need for a climbing partner. You will, however, need to supply your own climbing harness regardless of your abilities.

Whether you want a quiet picnic in the park or a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled adventure on the rock climbing walls or obstacle course, Scioto Audubon Park is an absolute diamond-in-the-rough and an undeniably awesome thing to do in Columbus, Ohio.

25. 25 Best Things in Columbus – Otherworld

The future is now. Columbus, Ohio is home to the Otherworld immersive art installation which includes 32,000 square feet of mixed reality playgrounds and other visual feasts.

Otherworld is incredibly impressive, featuring art from over 40 artists and 47 rooms with exhibits of all kinds. It’s no easy feat transporting the public to another world to explore immersive environments, so Otherworld makes use of 54 projectors and 190,000 LED lights to create an environment that feels like you have stepped into an alternate universe completely.

From luminescent artificial forests to enchanted caverns, there are many pieces to explore and experience at Otherworld in Columbus. For an unforgettably awesome experience, reserve your trip today and enjoy everything Otherworld has to offer.

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